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A brief synopsis of what just happened in the 5 short minutes between hitting the Tarmac in Atlanta, firing up the lulu app and stepping off the plane. 


Wallet: nsfndkajjsjdmsbsbspleasenonotthisagain


Amex: *melting*

It’s warming up outside and being on week 2 of RP Strength I can already tell that by following the program I will be developing the confidence to wear ALL THE SPORTS BRAS as shirts this summer.

More like, I already WOD in no shirt on hot days, but now people will be less apt to shield their eyes when I do. 

I’ve been eyeing the Electric Coral color for a while now, and finally bit. Oh gosh where do we begin. 

OMG I LOVE IT #1: Run: Speed Short in Fresco Blue
 am in mad love with fresco blue. MAD LOVE Y’ALL. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see a fun solid color speed short without some doofy contrasting waistband. 

OMG I LOVE IT #2: Cool Racerback in Heat Wave Black White  

It comes as no secret that I like to mix prints. Yet another fun one of my favorite tank to mix with my Camo & Camo map shorts. Or my royal blue pace crops. Oh, the possibilities!

OMG I LOVE IT #3: Free to Be *Wild Bra in Electric Coral

 I don’t know where people are getting off saying there are no bright colors this spring. Ok so there are some muted drab fall colors (ahem ahem the Run For Days capsule) but between Electric Coral, Fresco Blue & Clear Mint, we’ve got options, people. 
This isn’t so much a brand new release so much as a restock. I’ve seen the Electric Coral on Insta, and I’m excited to get my hands on one!

OMG I LOVE IT #4: Flow Y Bra IV in Heathered Slate/ Clear Mint/ Heathered Black

I’m a sucker for Lime Green. This should be common knowledge by now.  
OMG I LOVE IT #5: The Towel in Dipped Desert Silver Spoon Deep Navy  

Nobody needs to own a $42 towel. I draw the line there but dang is it dreamy to look at. Makes me think of marshmallow clouds and cuddly kittens. 

The Dud: Wake & Flow Short

  I foresee a speedy arrival to WMTM. 

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