HeyLululemon’s What We Love – 4/7/15 Upload


Whee! Thursdays mean 2 things: updates to WMTM and Katelin’s “What We Love” preview of the following week’s upload on Lulu’s online community, HeyLululemon.com.

Check out the full post here, or keep on scrolling for my 2 cents. The latest collection is called the Var-City line. Sure. Why not. Time for the pictures!

2015-04-05 WWL Preview1Oy. This print. From far away, I’m going to call this ‘Neon Alien Warfare’. Zooming in close, I still can’t tell what it’s supposed to be. Neon Alien Warfare it is. I tried a Studio Racerback on once back in January. Being 5’9″ with a long torso, this is not the tank for me. If you’re on the shorter side and think CRBs are ridic long, then I’d recommend giving the relatively new Studio Racerback a try.

2015-04-05 WWL Preview2 So. Many. Bomber Jackets. WHO IS WEARING ALL THESE BOMBER JACKETS? Not me. The Rain or Shine Jacket and Stride Jacket II (both sale rack finds) are my main squeezes. Pass.

2015-04-05 WWL Preview2AI’m liking the criss-cross woven details on the sides. Just can’t envision myself wearing this one too often. Perhaps heading to the BBQ place next door to CrossFit (yes, we smell ribs on the smoker CONSTANTLY while outdoors in the summer) on a hot July evening, but I just bought some other sleeveless tee in WMTM for $24 with that exact purpose in mind. Still a cute top for women who aren’t into showing major cleav but still like a little pop of color from a fun sports bra.

2015-04-05 WWL Preview3I don’t hate it. I don’t love it either.

2015-04-05 WWL Preview3ASometimes I like the perforation and mesh patterns on these, then the words PICNIC BASKET pop into my head and there goes that.

2015-04-05 WWL Preview4New color of the already existing In Flux Jacket. Still not sure I’m a fan of the Swift fabric used on these. Cute style nonetheless if you’re looking for a wear-everywhere hoodie when the Scuba Hoodie is just too toasty for warmer spring temps.

2015-04-05 WWL Preview4AAh… the High Times Pant. My newest love. Upon discovering the Speed Short fit had gotten little looser in mid-late 2014, my capri game when on hiatus. My CrossFit quads outgrew my trusty UA Shatter Capris, but it didn’t matter because we weren’t outside running in the cold, which is when chub rub becomes an issue for quadtastic girls like me. Now that it’s warming up, I need to restock on appropriately sized capris to get outside and run in, which don’t get all sheer when I squat. The high waist on these means they stay put, and if you whip your shirt off during a sweaty WOD… NO MUFFIN TOP! This print & mesh combo is frickin’ fun. But, I just bought the new High Times *Zips last week, so when these make their way down to the US, as jazzy as they are, they won’t be joining the lineup. #whompwhomp

2015-04-05 WWL Preview5I’m a total tank topoaholic. After reading a bunch of reviews on the Swiftly Racerback tank’s fabric snagging, then trying one on in store and seeing a pull on that – not exactly rushing to buy any pieces of the Swiftly Tech family anytime soon.

2015-04-05 WWL Preview5AYou know that emoji with the smiley face and 2 hearts for eyes? Yeah. That’s my reaction to these. However, brightly colored capris and I aren’t friends. Damn you cellulite. I have one neon green pair of Wunder Unders from 2013, but they’re reversible, so I’ve got an extra layer to camouflage any imperfections that make me annoyingly self conscious. The minute Lulu drops any sort of Energy Bra, CRB, 50 Rep or FTBW Bra in Electric Coral… WATCH OUT AMEX.

Haven’t gotten a pair of Roll Down Wunder Unders yet, but I hear they’re just as awesome as the High Times. The style is on my radar, just waiting for an epic must have color or print to pounce!

Who’s excited for what this week?

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