We Squat, Bro.


As much as I love Lululemon, a sore spot for me has always been how all of their models online are the same slender ‘yogi’-looking girls with little to no muscle definition. As a CrossFitter, I do NOT look like that. According to my measuring tape and their sizing chart, I’m a perfect 10. With both junk in the trunk (#shesquatsbro) and huge shoulders.

Lulu isn’t loved by yogis only, the brand has a big following in the CrossFit community as well. HeyLululemon exists as a platform for customers to offer their suggestions and feedback, so I took to the site this morning to share my opinion:

Hey Lululemon! I am a HUGE fan of your brand. Lululemon clothes are feminine, flattering and functional all at the same time – which keeps me coming back for more (and more, and more…). However, sometimes my local store doesn’t always receive new product when it drops online, so I do make just as many purchases online as I do in store, if not more.

The only sore spot for me in shopping online is that the same set of women used to model your product line have a very slender ‘yogi’-type build. []

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