5 Faves & a Dud: lululemon’s 5/30/23 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

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I was doing so well with keeping the spending under control in May… until last week. I figured I’d order the Blissfeel Trail shoes along with the updated Fast & Frees (for, you know, research) and the marked down WovenAir Hiking Overshirt because markdown. Was thisclose to getting the Kelly Green HR Hotty Hots, but what I really wanted were Track Thats, so I crossed my fingers and decided to wait.

HOLD UP. Did you say “updated” Fast and Frees?!

Yeah… lululemon got sneaky and made a few changes that didn’t necessarily make it onto anyone’s radar until someone on Reddit pointed it out, because they didn’t change the product description online. More on that later once they arrive and I can experience the updates for myself.

Back to this week about the shorts. Patience for Track Thats paid off, and then, welp… once you put one thing in your cart more things go in the cart and where the hell did my money go? Let’s find out.

5 Faves & a Dud: 5/30/23 Upload

Favorite #1: Nulux Road to Trail High-Rise Short 4″ in Lip Gloss

These were an INSTANT add to cart. I’ve recently been eyeballing at a pair of Outdoor Voices LightSpeed 3″ Shorts with the big ol’ phone pocket in the rear waistband. I’ve been gravitating toward my looser shorts this summer thanks to my post-marathon winter weight gain (and spring failure to lose it), but the options for a phone carry on a HGW are limited with the Hotty Hots & Track Thats without a belt.

Reasons I’m excited for these: High rise, lay flat waistband. Can stash my phone in either the small of my back or the side pocket of the built in shorts. Silicone grips on the inside of the leg openings to prevent them from riding up.

Shown above in Lip Gloss and Black, they’re also offered in Bone. lululemon, hurry up and ship them please.

Favorite #2: Blissfeel 2 Women’s Running Shoe in White/Black/Kohlrabi Green

Hey look, patience paying off double in the long game. Having taken the plunge twice with the OG Blissfeels, none of the colorways of the second release caught my eye, so I uncharacteristically passed on them. Then these babies ran across my screen. I feel like this is the first pair of Blissfeel 2s that really stands out in the design department, and I was instantly fixated.

Go figure I saw these for the first time as the box with the Blissfeel Trail inside was being delivered, and TBH it took the air out of the Trail balloon real quick. Cannot wait for these to arrive. TBH the Trails are likely going back.

Favorite #3: Track That High-Rise Lined Short 3″ in Kelly Green

Shorts season finally hit in the last week or so, and I’ve been waiting patiently to give Kelly Green a try in a cut/length I don’t yet own. Again, it’s roomy shorts szn for this girl.

Mid-rise is fine when it’s the only option, so I’ve already got two of those in the 4″ length from last season. Time to give up the extra inch on the bottom if it means I can get it up top.

Favorite #4: Prism Wash Print Multi/Vapor

Here for the print, not necessarily the items. Swifties, if your Eras tour outfit is based off of Lover – this one’s for you. Personally, crossing fingers this print makes it our way in the form of Fast and Frees.

Options are: Easy Access Crossbody Bag & Everywhere Belt Bag

IMHO, Vapor wasn’t the right choice for an accent color. Dark lavender, a pastel blue or pink really could have sent this until the stratosphere of whimsy.

Favorite #5: Lightweight Trail Running T-Shirt in Kelly Green

Practical pick of the week right here. Of course I love my Swiftly Short Sleeves, but sometimes the cap sleeves can bunch up, especially when you have a vest or backpack involved.

The longer sleeves are a win in my book, and now I’m regretting not ordering this one too. Also available in bone.

The Duds: a Three-Way Tie of Meh

These pieces/patterns are frumpy and I don’t like them. I love my Grandmas very much but this is what they’d wear.

If I had a lululemon sponsorship and/or bottomless money pit…

This is what I’d traipse around in:

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