lululemon’s Bringing Back the Astro Pant! (Updated w/Preview Photos)


If you don’t have the lululemon app, it may be time to load (or reload) it onto your phone if you want first dibs on the return of the Astro Pant! They’ll be available on 5/26, and app users will have access to them first.

Or… you can just go digging in your closet from 10 years ago.

I’m curious if they’re going to be the original cut, or if they may get a higher-waisted update, just like the Groove Super High Rise Flared Pant did?

If they remain low rise, I’ll probably pass, but if they are a higher rise super flattering criss cross, I may splurge. 🙂

EDIT: Of course Reddit had the details. They’re higher rise, nulu, and if this lineup are the only color options there are, I’ll pass.

What are everyone’s thoughts?

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  1. OMGGGGG!!! Yes!!! I LOVED my Astro pants and was super sad when they got too beat up to keep wearing them.

  2. Just saw them on the app. Yuck. Not even a basic black, and the only inseam is 32.5”??
    I’d have to hem off like 8 inches of fabric. I wish LLL would offer petite lengths like Athleta.

  3. What do you think now that they are launched?? I am am far from too young to remember these, but I was not woke to my non-binary needs!!

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