Lululemon Boxing Day 2021: Quick Links & Top Picks, By Size


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As evidenced by the lack of consistent posting in this little corner of the internet, life has been overwhelming me lately, and I probably need real therapy. But today, I’m digging into what’s kicking around on lululemon’s Boxing Day event to see if I can get a temporary hit of endorphins instead. Retail therapy fixes everything, right?

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If you’re not doing so already, ALWAYS FILTER BY SIZE. With how much lululemon has expanded their size offerings in the last year or so, it can appear like there are a bazillion options available on markdown. Using the size filter is going to drastically reduce your disappointment.

Using the “shirts” filter with no size parameter, I counted 116 options at the time of this post. When I narrowed it down to “shirts” in size 8 only, the selection dropped down to 32. Oof. As I did with Black Friday, below are links by category, and also by size, because I love you.

🔎 WMTM Filtered Searches: By Category
🔎 WMTM Filtered Searches: By Size

Retail Therapy: Lululemon Boxing Day 2021

So here’s what I actually bought. The Boxing Day upload started on Christmas Eve, so *yes* was there a much deeper selection then? Yes. But when you add to cart and walk away for 48 hours, sometimes it saves you a few hundred final sale dollars. I got 4 items, 3 of which qualify as useful, and one of which was a true “treat”.

  1. MicroPillow Tab Running Sock *Light Cushioning in Clementine – Need breathable socks for sweaty Peloton rides!
  2. Lightweight Jersey Tank Top – Tried on this fall but couldn’t stomach full price. Feels like the same heavenly fabric as the Light As Air underwear (RIP circa 2016).
  3. City Sleek 5 Pocket 7/8 Pant – Work pants. Got a promotion, need to wear more tailored clothing with buttons and zippers because I’m in charge of things (and people) now.
  4. Wunder Train High-Rise Tight 25″ – My one true “treat” of the lot.

The Best of What’s Around

+5 internet points to whoever can name that band. It’s only taken too long for me to figure out where to make each image in a gallery clickable and shoppable, so here go my top few picks BY SIZE… lower chance of disappointment, ya know?

Top Picks: Size 0

Rainforest Green, and the Ready to Rulu… which I am wearing right now.

Top Picks: Size 2

Two words: Everglade Green. Lucky ladies.

Top Picks: Size 4

Umm… JACKPOT on the Ripened Raspberry. Only a few left aka GO GO GO

Top Picks: Size 6

Top Picks: Size 8

ATRPs for half price. Nice.

Top Picks: Size 10

How in the marshmallow forest did I miss the Rainforest Green F&Fs until after I placed my order?!

Top Picks: Size 12

The Symphony Blue Base Paces are a total score. Music pun. See what I did there?

Top Picks: Size 14

Top Picks: Size 16

You can’t turn down Symphony Blue. You just can’t.

Top Picks: Size 18

This is the ONLY size the Grape Thistle Swiftly is available in, and it’s always one of my first grabs from the clean laundry pile.

Top Picks: Size 20

Sonic Pink. LUCKY!

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  1. I ordered 6 things, but only because I found the smooth hipsters which were discontinued (the closest they’ve had to the Namastays IMO.) I ordered 4 pairs. I can’t stand the new InvisiWear ones. Awful design. I may order one or two more of the smooth seamless if they continue to linger on the website!

    My fun purchase was the Wunder Lounge leggings in true navy. I threw in a Power Y for good measure. Not much else I wanted.

    Thank you for teaching us during Black Friday to sort by size! Genius!! It made shopping so much faster during the Boxing Day release. Congrats on your promotion!!

    1. I did the same stock up when the Light as Air was discontinued, and I honestly could never get with the Namastay Puts. Ended up moving to the Under Armour Pure Stretch Hipster and have been in love ever since.

      I considered Wunder Lounges, but I’ve been big on joggers in the house this season!

      I’m super happy to hear you’re making good use of the filtered search links! Too many clicks have led to disappointment over the course of the last year, I had to break it down to hopefully help a sister out ☺️

  2. Congratulations on the promotion! You’ll love the city sleek pants, if you don’t already have them. They’re fantastic work pants: look tailored but STETCHY!

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