Best of Lululemon Black Friday 2021 + RIP Wunder Unders


You’re not here for a long diatribe about my irregular posting schedule, you’re here for the best of lululemon’s 2021 Black Friday offerings! So I’mma shut up and get to it. Active links can also be found on my IG story @athletikaty for my first impulsive pass at the selection. ☺️

Already dealt with those silly little checkboxes so you don’t have to!

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Note: the Wunder Under is being retired, so you will find that ALL Wunder Unders are marked down, even in basic black.

Part II: The Best of Lululemon Black Friday 2021

…and now, a completely subjective editorial of what I think is the best of the lot!

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  1. Initially, I only bought 2 bras, a love tee and the foil WU. But, after seeing the WU were being discontinued, I went back for 3 more pairs of WU in different lengths in black (and one more white love tee…feeling paranoid that basic colors were on MD.)

    It’s pretty shocking they are discontinuing an original product. And I know it’s just leggings, but the announcement was kind of flippant, like buh-bye WU whatever eyeroll. It made me wonder about the direction they are going as they dump more and more core styles. It’s starting to feel like overpriced, fast fashion. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

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