Photo Dump: 2021 SeaWheeze Exclusives – Part I


Happy SeaWheeze day! Count on SeaWheeze to upload the Seawheeze gear while i was out and about, so that I was excitedly ordering my first batch of gear on the sidewalk. Noice.

Anyhow, we started with 36 items. There was a Scuba and a pink bra in a few stock photos, and then I haven’t seen the green shorts or high neck bra featured in the preview video, so… I’m thinking there will be more. We haven’t seen short or long sleeve Swiftlies either, and there are usually some of those. Here’s what we go so far today!


These are the tickets so hot that they sold out by the time I could cobble this post together. Enjoy the photos and kudos to those who scored any of these pieces! I had second thoughts on the Trackers. I love how they look, but ultimately knew I wouldn’t wear them. Cyan was clearly the big winner today!

Sports Bras

Short Sleeve Shirts



Skirts, Crops & Tights


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  1. What did you end up getting? I could resist that Floral Flash Multi pattern. I got the F&F crops and F&F shorts in that print. I’m tempted by the Raspberry Glo tee. I love that color, but not sure I’d wear it. On one hand, the logo is fun, but on the other, the big logo might be the reason I don’t reach for it. Wish I could see that one IRL.

    I’m into all the bright colors, but escaped with only two items so far!

  2. That Euphoria print is so pretty! Wish I would have been able to snag the trackers :(. Kinda glad it sold out though as I don’t like the 25inch Fast and frees and would have preferred an Energy Bra…

  3. I scored a few pieces – but though I love the trackers they do not look good on me – I got a pair last year and did not end up keeping them as they were too long on me. I did get a pair of the reflective hotty hot shorts and crops in the fast and free flash floral print and a hoodie. Those popular prints sold out SO fast in minutes – i remember checking on the site and they weren’t there – 30 minutes later they were but all gone lol haha. I do like the prints very much – sad that the reflective mistover was not ready in time.

  4. I ended up with the reflective hotty hot shorts in Euphoria pink as well as a black scuba, the flash floral crops and a pink crop swiftly. I love the colors of the trackers but I wouldn’t wear them. WIsh I was quick enough for the invigorate bras lol!

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