5 Faves & a Dud: Hyper Flow State

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

It’s the first upload of the month, and like the rest of you I cautiously opened my browser with high hopes. While there were SEVERAL drab and muted tones for the upcoming f-word (Fall 🍂), count on me to find the bright and crazy colors and drop some coin on them.

Yes, that’s right, I just placed my first online order in a LONG time and I did not hold back. Cha ching.

5 Faves & a Dud: 8/3/21 Edition

Favorite #1: All Yours Tank Top ($44) in Maldives Green


Excited to see how this holds up in comparison to Bali Breeze. I don’t wear my CRBs very often anymore, but I pulled out BB on Friday evening… maybe I’m psychic but most definitely not.

Favorite #2: Fast and Free Short 8″ ($68) in Hyper Flow Pink Multi


While they’re not CROPS, I’ve been waiting on a style I can get down with after this pattern dropped in the Hotty Hots last week. I have 6″ and 10″ F&F shorts, but I still have yet to give the 8″ a go. Welp, when the mailman arrives, I will give them a go… and then blather to the internet about it.

Favorite #3: High Neck Running and Training Top ($44) in Pow Pink Light


I couldn’t make up my mind. I *know* I don’t need black, but I really love the simple cut. My two looks are either “kaleidoscope” or “ninja”, so I ordered one of each.

Yellow Serpentine had me interested for a minute, but sometimes green or blue undertones in yellow shades don’t always come across online.

Favorite #4: Wunder Train High Rise Tight 25″ ($98) in Larkspur

While my order included a few more items, these didn’t make the cut. Not because I don’t love the color or WTs, but given that I’m starting a new half marathon training plan this week, I just don’t see myself in the CrossFit gym wearing WTs any time soon.

Favorite #5: Lightweight Hooded Jacket ($128) in Black

This is where my old age show through, I’m featuring this out of pure practicality. One of my most worn lululemon items is a plain black jacket much like this one that I picked up on a whim, because it’s lightweight and goes with f*cking everything.

The Dud: Cotton-Blend Twill Trouser 7/8 Length ($138) in Copper Brown

I want to find these and try these on, only to see what I’d look like in a magazine feature or gossip blog’s “what not to wear” section. The details on the front, I can’t envision them doing me any favors.

What Else Did I Order?

New and Notable

Finally, the two main colors that ran the table this week are polar opposites: Maldives Green & Copper Brown. And now, a sampling of photos.

Happy August!

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