2020 Holiday Gift Guide: For Runners


Not going to lie, my Amex is still on the cooling rack from last weekend. I was so well behaved on Black Friday proper, but by Saturday night a bout of insomnia hit and #treatyoself hit hard in the form of ski goggles, supplements, and surprisingly no lululemon. Nevertheless, it’s time to stop being selfish and focus on holiday gifts for everyone else!

If you’re a runner who doesn’t necessarily know what to put on your wish list, hopefully this rundown inspires a few ideas to send along to whoever asks. Hell, just share this post with them!

If someone shared this post with you… welcome to a list of run gear that someone you love would be stoked to unwrap!


First thing’s first. The outfit. When temperatures dip below freezing, do not pass Go or collect $200 and head directly to Athleta’s Rainier Tight. Otherwise, below are a handful of ol’reliables and items on my own personal wish list that I find myself reaching for to get me through long runs, no matter what Mother Nature’s mood is that day!

If you’re short on time, tap on any image in the carousel to shop. Otherwise, expand to view the entire list below!

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Sometimes fresh kicks, squishy soles, or sassy socks are all it takes to brighten up an otherwise dreary winter run. Whatever it takes to make cold and wind suck a little bit less 🙂

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There are some who just like to run free and have absolutely no care in the world how far or how fast they went. Maybe skip this section if you’re shopping for one of *those* people. I don’t understand those people.

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  • Garmin Fenix 5S Plus ($399) – Garmin’s latest line of Fenix is up to the 6, so if you’re in the hunt for a TON of features, there are some legit deals out there on the 5 series, which is still so fancy, it feels silly to call it ‘outdated’. Otherwise, the 6 Series will set you back a couple hundred dollars more.
  • Garmin Venu ($249.99) – In case the Fenix is data overload, but you still want a fancy colorful screen.
  • AfterShokz Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones – If you can’t live without music on a run, but want to live because you can actually hear oncoming traffic.
  • Strava Subscription ($59.99/yr) – Strava is free to use on its own, but being a data nerd, I love the bonus insights that come with the subscription. They help to keep me accountable while COVID is keeping us all away from start lines! 



But wait there’s more! But none of this batch of gear requires a charging cable.

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  1. My Christmas wish is to someday have athleta in Canada. I feel like a pretty of their running pants are much better than Lulu’s.

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