5 Faves & a Dud: 2020, Level 11

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5 Faves & a Dud: 11/3/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Sorel Kinetic Sport Bootie ($155) in Black

Given there are people and retail establishments that bust into the Christmas decor the DAY after Halloween… If you can unabashedly rush along the holiday spirit while the trees still have leaves, I can totally rush the snow along by featuring the latest pair of Sorels that I’m losing my mind over.

I slept on the Kinetic line for so long, but not only do they look funky enough to defy traditional trends from year to year (aka you get your money’s worth), the Kinetics have what ALL of us need in slippery ice season: TRACTION. Shut up and take my money.

Favorite #2: Pace Rival Skirt (Regular) / (Tall) ($68) in Deep Fuschia

Favorite #3: Wunder Lounge Super High-Rise Tight 28″ ($98) in Dark Olive

Micro Modal Fleece Wunder Unders, or as I would like to call them… the pajamas I didn’t know I needed until right f*cking now.

Favorite #4: Speed Up Short Long *Updated Fit ($58) in Floral Shift Blue Multi/Black

Florals aren’t generally my aesthetic, but black/blue/purple/teal most certainly is. Sign me up for a pair of these.

If this cut isn’t your jam, this colorway is also available in two other popular styles:

Favorite #5: All Yours Crew *Fleece ($98) in Heritage 365 Camo Green Twill Multi

What’s that? Oh, just egg on my face. For the longest time I was like “WHO’S GONNA SPEND $100 ON A PLAIN SWEATSHIRT FROM LULU WHEN ALL IT IS IS A PLAIN SWEATSHIRT.”

Me. I already got the Lemon Vibe Ready to Roll and the Wild Bluebell City Sweat earlier in the year. Now I’m eyeballing this one next. Someone pass the clown makeup because the joke’s on me. 🤡

Favorite #6: Down For it All Jacket ($198) in Submarine

Alternative Fact: this is actually the 5th lululemon fave of the night, so the math checks out

I *love* me a good DFIA, which is why I hauled off and bought TWO of them last season. Night Diver captured my heart with the Lululemon 10K discount in San Diego, and in February y’all know I couldn’t help myself when Wild Bluebell anything uploaded.

These two DFIAs are some of my favorite purchases from last year, and they’re definitely helping me not dread and whine about the rapidly dropping temperatures in the northeast.

If you love the color, this jacket is worth the money. It’s far warmer than one would expect it to be. Plus, lululemon always crushes the game when it comes to hooded anything. My North Face & Patagonia pieces seem to think I have far smaller of a melon than I really do. Lulu always delivers.

The Dud: All Days Shirt ($118) in Trench

Really. Really? Noooooo. If you want this grandpa on safari look, thrift it for $0.50.

Continuing to Ignore Election Coverage…

Watermelon red. I’m here for it. All of it. Currently available in accessories only, but if this pops up in a Swiftly LS, someone save an 8 for me.

Oh wait but of course there’s more…

Wait huh the what?

Illogical Accessories (aka Tweenage Gift Ideas)

Yeah yeah yeah, I fully admit I bit hook like & sinker for a City Adventurer Backpack *Nano back in August to throw some masks and hand sanitizer in. Lululemon just posted a series on their Instagram in the last week or so showcasing how everyone was attaching these things to their dogs.

Clearly, there *is* a bit of a market for a few neon novelty items, but as I was scrolling through upload this week, I couldn’t believe how many wearable tchotchkes kept appearing in my scroll.

Who’s Headed for Everest?

Don’t think I was going to hit the publish button without calling out lululemon’s Canada Goose knockoff, the Polar Shield Parka. CG has sold their Expedition Parka for a while, as one of its heaviest hitters. TBH, don’t buy it unless you’re going on a month(s)-long adventure/research trip to Antarctica. I just don’t get why lululemon would choose to invest time and resources into producing this piece. Their most expensive outerwear always appears at a significant markdown come spring.

If you’re going to pony up THAT MUCH for a jacket, throw down for the real thing. If lulu’s version is at all as warm as CG’s, 99% of us won’t really have a practical use case for it.

One more thing and I’m shutting up for the night… GTFOH WITH THAT SPICED BRONZE NONSENSE

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  1. Side note: they released a sparkle/shine metallic swiftly long sleeve (regatta blue) but mixed it in with the regular swiftly long sleeves and same price point. Thought that was odd and wanted to point out bc I love sparkles ✨😬

    And I totally would’ve missed those teal pink purple shorts as they were masked by the other blah new print lol I love those colors, talking myself out of buying shorts in Boston November 😩 hope we get swiftly colors to match them 😍

    1. Ooh nice catch! I love sparkles but dislike the Swiftly Speeds (from last year?) and 2.0s now. I guess that’s good for my wallet.

  2. I just noticed on the Lululemon app that the define jacket in the heritage camo dark olive is made of Rulu! As a result it is on my wishlist. Love anything Rulu.

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