5 Faves & a Dud: Unpause Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Nothing like starting this post off salty because my Apple Watch just told me to stand up for a minute, even though I’ve been up and down to the window, to the wall about 4789 times in the last hour.

Many thanks to those who sent along kind words in regards to my decision to take a little time away from the blog. Work has been nothing short of bananas (for which I am grateful), and let’s just say that long distance relationships in the time of COVID are really good at sucking the energy out of you. But, a little bit o’ geography change and taking some time for myself has helped a great deal.

So I’m here, I’m back… and it’s Wednesday because I got distracted last night and forgot to hit the “post” button before taking a phone call.

This blonde hair of mine… all natural!

5 Faves & a Dud: 6/23/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Sculpt Tank ($58) in Carnation Red

Welp, this pick would have gone to the LA Sweat Short… but it’s sold out. So, on to something we can all still get our hands on. I don’t know why they don’t just own up and call this Sculpt III.

Reasoning be damned, let this be known that the third time is a charm, and by taking one size down I am in absolute love with this incarnation of this underrated tank.

Hey look, here I am in the Wild Bluebell version at Great Sand Dunes National Park this past weekend. All around A+ tank top. Not here for an instagram thirst trap, just here to keep you covered, cool and cute.

I’m a TTS 8 and wearing a 6 in this photo, and it’s perfection. Also wearing: OG Fast & Free Shorts from last summer’s first release.

Favorite #2: Speed Up Short 2.5″ ($58) in Dark Prism Pink

So they’re not my new favorite 4″ amazingness, but the shorter length will have to do, Have recently been seeing dark prism pink get lots of positive reviews.

Favorite #3: Free to Be Bra Wild Long Line ($58) in Midnight Orchid

Hey lululemon, don’t think I didn’t notice you sending a Court Purple Swiftly directly to WMTM last week in size 2 only. I will lick my wounds with Midnight Orchid, but I WILL NOT FORGET.

Favorite #4: Fast and Free Women’s Run Hat Pony ($38) in Lemon Vibe

Hot weather. Face needs shade. There is such a thing as too tan. TBH I’m teetering on the brink and it’s only June. Hello hat, maybe we need to be friends.

Favorite #5: Free to Be Serene Bra ($58) in Dark Prism Pink

The Dud: Cross it Off Tote ($58) in Lemon Vibe

Hobo bags have always been, in my book, a hard pass. I’m down with lemon vibe as a color, but the combination of this style and bright color to draw attention to the giant sack of crap on your shoulder… no thanks.

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  1. First, the Lulu– I love dark prism pink. It is the bright and happy pink I’ve been waiting for! I’ve been wanting shorts in this shade for years, but it seems they only wanted to make them in the 2.5 length. Hurray for the longer ones in this color!!

    Second, it looks like you had a wonderful vacation!! I’d love to hear more about your trip if you are up for sharing. I’ve heard Great Sand Dunes is a great national park to visit. Was it any different visiting a national park now vs. before? I’m considering doing something like this in the next couple of months.

    1. I’ll try to throw together a little something re: traveling and National Parks soon! I haven’t returned to traveling 100% at the capacity I am used to for work, so I have limited exposure to what the new normal is. Thankfully the great outdoors are just that, and it didn’t feel like our trip was impacted by COVID in any significant way.

    1. I totally see it for a beach bag, but it isn’t my personal style. Consider me one less person to get in the way of you getting your hands on one! 🙂

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