5 Faves & a Dud: 2/4/20 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Is this where I’m supposed to type some witty intro or lame excuse as to why the blog’s been silent for the last week or two? Yes. Here are some pictures from Aspen, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Even WIPEOUT photos are scenic.

Blogstagram: I just killed it in Aspen for 3 weeks with no care in the world

Reality: I just worked TWENTY ONE 10-hour days in a row with no days off. I think I’m allowed to get a little fun footage on my lunch break with no guilt.

Back in Connecticut for the time being, meaning it’s time to resume my regularly-scheduled athleisure ogling & narration!


What I Was Ogling Last Week

…but never got around to blogging about because Aspen things got in the way:

5 Faves & a Dud: 2/4/20 Edition

Favorite #1: APL Techloom Phantom ($165) in Electric Blue

Not lulu but HELLO SKY BLUE I am honestly teetering on the edge of paying full price for these bad boys. I can’t with the colored body and the white soles, but when it’s a full color wash… BUH BYE SELF CONTROL.

Favorite #2: Take The Moment Jumpsuit
lululemon x Robert Geller
($248) in Deep Phantom

Now that the AMAZING shoes are out of the way, it’s time for me to come out swinging with a potentially unpopular opinion. I like the Robert Geller purple onesie. If it ends up on WMTM, chances are damn good your girl’s going to end up with a purple onesie.

Favorite #3: Take the Moment Pant *lululemon x Robert Geller ($168)

These special edition prices are KILLING ME SMALLS! However, seeing that the On the Fly aren’t my favorite thing for work, I’m stoked to see a more tailored pant on the women’s side.

Pictured are Moonphase so you can see the detailing, but they also come in black. Oh and water-resistant? Sign me up.

Favorite #4: Free to Be Wild 2-in-1 Tank ($78) in Black

One of my biggest problems with the OG Wild tank is that it was FLOPPY. Lots of fabric in the back. I liked the look and the FTBW Bra built in was sturdy like an Energy Bra, but there was still an excess of fabric.

Kudos to the designer who was able to wrap their mind around a way to spin this somewhat classic tank into something a bit more practical.

Favorite #5: Namastay Put Hipster 3 Pack ($48)

Might as well keep the train rolling with the weird choices… I’m really just here for the black & pink speckled skivvies. Sea Spray Invert Magenta Glow Black if you’re looking to get technical.

The Dud: x Robert Geller Distressed Camo Jacquard Moonphase Camel

The colourway is getting it. The men got a technical look at Robert Geller while the women went through Roksanda Part I in late 2019. Not going to lie, I was envious. So when I heard that the next RG release would cross over to the women’s side, I was wondering what kind of vibe we’d be on the receiving end of. Some of it is nice, like the Take the Moment Pants. Some of it is… THIS.

I ask anyone who wears this… WHERE are you wearing it?! Why are you wearing it? Asking for a friend. That friend = all of you. We all want to know.


While I was busy working 70+ hours a week and making it look like I was on a 3-week snowboard vacation in Aspen on instagram… violet viola dropped and I’m not all that mad about it.

Space Stuff

This is news to no one (I bought the F&Fs I’m wearing right now while I was in Texas the first week of the year), but in case anyone may or may not have missed out on a core style in this space print… Polar Lights Blue Multi has been making the rounds.

Still trying to talk myself out of the Scuba.

Okay, Soleil & Friends

I was just about to post this but then I saw a HAPPY PRETTY YELLOW! Oh hey, Soleil.

This week, not going to lie my skirt is not blown up. But that Om and On Dress and red Invigorate… I’m about 12 seconds away from pulling the trigger.

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  1. I love the Invigorate Bra and Dark Red, but for some reason I’m not scrambling for it. I wasn’t going to get anything, but then I noticed the re-released Cut Back Crop Tank is now available in size 0. I ordered it to try since I didn’t like the relaxed fit of size 2.

    And whyyyy do the Polar Lights Speed Ups have a True Navy band?? If it was black I could match a lot more tops with them.

    1. I’ve been on more of an Invigorate kick in the last year, I am thinking this is my chance to sell off my flamenco red Energy – as for the shorts I’m 100% with you on the “woe is me” re: true navy. While I have some navy/inkwell styles, I simply don’t wear them all that often. A missed opportunity IMHO.

  2. Welcome back – Aspen is a great reason not to blog. Question on the namastay put hipster. I haven’t ever worn them before but am thinking of picking up the dark red to wear under my recently purchased dark red aligns. I’m thinking that same color might be better than nude underneath the red.

    Reviews are mixed – lots of stretched out comments. Have you worn them before? Any advice?

    1. When wearing bright and light colors, I always stick to nude colors so there’s no double opacity in certain spots.

      I used to swear by the Light as Air up until their discontinuation in 2016. Since then, I don’t necessarily love the feel of the Namastays, and only have a few pairs if I like the color scheme. The reinforcement at the top almost serves as a little bit of a waistband. Depending on your size, you may appreciate their staying up, or you may feel like it digs in where you prefer it doesn’t.

      My top two that I would recommend over them in terms of fit & function:
      – Under Armour Pure Stretch Hipster: https://shopstyle.it/l/bdqxY ($12/ea)
      – Athleta Incognita Cheeky Bikini: https://shopstyle.it/l/bdqxG ($16/ea)

  3. I really want the polar light fast and frees but I’m bummed they are backed in white! That hasn’t been an issue for you?

    Even with all your work glad you got some snowboarding in. We’ve been having an epic season here at Whitewater!

    1. Patterns backed on white aren’t my favorite, but for this print I made an exception. It’s not *too* bad when you’re upright and running around, but if you wear them more to bend and squat often, you may notice it a bit more.

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