10 Faves & More than a Dud: Roksanda’s Back + Seawheeze Sneak Attack

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Pardon me while I rub my eyes and blink twice three times and a fourth… I only today realize 5FD took an accidental month-long hiatus. My official excuse? Holidays, travel and GERMS can all be to blame. I guess the latter is what bites you in the ass when you essentially live on an airplane.

Work has been bananas, and there was a lot of stuff that just got released last Tuesday that I REALLY would have loved to be available on the Saturday prior… when I extended my Texas trip 4 days past its original end date AFTER I’d arrived, and had to buy a few new pieces to get by. Shopping is less fun when it’s a necessity.

However, because of this I now know that I’m digging the Athleta Incognita Cheeky Bikini, and it’s tough to find a SINGLE pair of socks for sale in Target.

Fast forward a week and I’d gone from Texas to Connecticut to Colorado, and my first fever in ages decided to walk off the plane with me for my only vacation day in winter wonderland (aka Aspen Snowmass). Amidst all that, round two of lululemon x Roksanda dropped, and I just came thisclose to putting my box of Triscuits back in the fridge. One day the mental fog will clear, today is not that day.

The First 5 Faves: 1/7/20 Upload

Favorite #1: Energy Bra *Nulux ($52) in Polar Lights Blue Multi

Perfect to go all matchy matchy in the super hot summer months when no shirts are required for 90-degree long runs.

Favorite #2: Free to Be Bra (Wild) ($48) in Violet Viola

In case you don’t want to go full matchy and prefer a complementary shade, violet viola is giving me happy throwback feels to iris flower.

Favorite #3: Pace Rival Skirt (Tall) ($68) in Thermal Red

These skirts are the fcking best. With 5 pockets to stash keys, phones, ID, cash, cards, snacks, etc in – it’s amazing how much you can carry with you hands-free while wearing one of these skirts and the world around you is none the wiser.

Favorite #4: Breeze By Muscle Tank II *Squad ($58) in Violet Viola

Both my Black and Glossy versions of this tank are in constant rotation whenever I go somewhere warm. They’re breathable and roomy enough to work out in if you’re in a pinch, but they can also be worn casually, which I do all the time. I’m a sucker for purple, so this is kicking it in my shopping cart.

Favorite #5: Mastered Motion Crop Tank ($68) in Thermal Red

Now that I’ve gotten over my fear of running in a crop top when it’s stupid hot outside, I’ve got my eyes on this sassy little piece.

The Next 5 Faves: 1/14/20 Upload

Favorite #1: My Element Bra ($88) in True Navy/Emerald/Arctic Teal

While some of the lululemon x Roksanda pieces are head scratchers, this one stood out as one I’d love to add to my arsenal. It’s a fun play on a high-necked Invigorate Bra.

Favorite #2: Speed Up Short *Long ($58) in Larkspur

Favorite #3: Energy Bra ($52) in Incognito Camo Multi Grey

HOW IN THE WORLD did it take this long for this to happen? ICMG has been churning out since 2018. My savasana camo turns 6 this year, maybe it’s time to get a new black camo Energy. Maybe.

Favorite #4: Love Tee V ($48) in Cerulean Blue

This color. Gorgeous.

Favorite #5: Scuba Hoodie *Light Cotton Fleece ($118) in Polar Lights Blue Multi

While I know it’s printed on white (at least my Fast & Frees are), I am sitting in freezing cold Aspen kicking myself for not bringing a Scuba. (Yet somehow I have 4 pairs of snow pants with me.) I now see online that the Aspen lulu has one. MUST HUNT DOWN.

The Dud: Break New Ground Short ($98) in Fools Gold

If they made one pair, they made too much. Can’t unsee.

The Dud: Today’s Virtual Seawheeze SNEAK ATTACK

Pardon me while I vent for a hot minute. Had I been a beneficiary of a generous little email that SeaWheeze slid into the inbox of all 2019 Virtual SeaWheeze finishers… I’d be singing a different tune.

But I’m sick. I’m 72% of the way to burnout at work, and because I don’t use my work email to sign up for personal correspondence and don’t spend all day watching my personal inbox while I’m in over my head at work… I missed out on a guaranteed entry to SW2020 today.

LegaSeas already get grandfathered into the race as long as they keep their streak alive, and they’ve been completing registrations in the last week or so. The group lottery opens up next week. Registration buzz is all over my IG feed.

Today, I received this email:

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 8.05.21 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 8.05.45 PM

By the time I got to it within an hour after it was delivered, I was presented with a red error message that the code above had reached its limit.


Truth be told, I’m excited that lululemon did this. It takes a lot to drag yourself out and run 13.1 solo, and so I’m glad that the virtual runners who weren’t able to run in Vancouver due to a variety of reasons were included in the real deal this year.

I’m just selfishly bummed that I didn’t end up on the right side of the deal. I’m in one of my busiest seasons of the year at work, and with the germs that are trying to kick my rear end, a confirmed entry into SeaWheeze would have been just the thing to lift my dismal spirits today. Instead I got a ride on an emotional roller coaster.




Easy come easy go amirite? Fingers crossed for the lottery! 🤞🏼

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  1. Feel better Katy! I am also nursing a bacterial infection. Down for the count! Happy to see 5 faves and a dud! 😊

  2. Between you and me (and the seawall.) The fact that Legasea’s get early admission bugs me and I think they should have to enter the lottery like everyone else.

  3. We missed you!

    The style of the My Element Bra is everything I could dream of: Invigorate Bra + high neck + long line. (Do you hear the angels singing, too??) However, being a nitpicker, I don’t like the colors. They might look a lot better on markdown, though. I’ll wait.

    I’m really trying to limit my LLL purchasing this year to 2 items per month. If I resell anything, then I also get to replace those with an extra item. It’s only 16 days in, and I’m struggling but staying strong.

    1. Thanks Lacey! It’s good to be back to normal(ish) 🙂

      Not going to lie, that’s a pretty good goal. I try to keep a $ amount in mind with my monthly spending, but maybe I ought to consider the piece by piece route. The sports bra drawers in my closet are about 125% stuffed when all my laundry is clean!

      16 days is a long time in Lulu land, you got this!

  4. I was fortunate to get an entry yesterday which really made my day after having to withdraw from Seawheeze (due to injury) two years in a row. My virtual run was sloooooowwwww so this felt like a major boost and a lovely surprise on a cold January morning.

    Totally understand being disappointed though. These spots are so coveted now, it’s a shame they can’t open it up to more runners.

  5. Sorry that happened and welcome back!

    The Incognito energy bra had a brief release in early summer. I too have a savasana camo energy bra and picked the new one up. It’s a bit more vibrant than the savasana – shows the camo pattern much better in comparison. Highly recommend if you like the savasana.

    What I’m waiting for is an energy bra in Dark Red! Solid please… I snapped up the hotty hot shorts and have been dreaming of a solid red bra ever since.

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