WMTM Alert: 1/2/20 Edition

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HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! Time for the annual month of typing the wrong digit whenever it comes to getting the date correct. THE DATE LOOKS SO WEIRD. Lululemon’s been a little bit weird with the WMTM updates since Black Friday, but we got a mini update today after the Boxing Day madness.’

So, without further ado… (mini) WMTM Alert!

I know I should have been spending December doing blogger duties like publishing gift guides and annual recaps… but if my blog life is anything like getting my team at work together in the same town at the same time for Christmas dinner, I’ll get around to it some time in March. I think our record is Christmas dinner in May. So yeah.

WMTM Alert: 1/2/20 Edition

  • City Adventurer Backpack – Jacquard Camo Cotton Obsidian/Black / $79 – not NEW new but I haven’t mentioned it yet.
  • Cross Chill Run Neckwarmer – Black / $19 – Skiers/Boarders – this works as a balaclava in a pinch (it’s got air holes for breathing!) and otherwise it’s great in case your outfit doesn’t really accommodate a bulky Vinyasa Scarf
  • Energy Bra *High Neck – Night Diver / $39 – surprised this one got marked down
  • Run Fast Gloves II – Black / $19 – Got mine with my SAN 10K discount and have been loving them to block the wind when I’m out on chilly runs. Plus, they’re techie fabric, not Rulu, so they don’t hold onto sweat as much.
  • Cross Chill Run Earwarmer – Black / $19 – Ok so maybe not exactly my style but I have one and hear me out. The split style allows you to wear sunglasses and keep your ears covered at the same time. Game changer for winter months!

Updates aren’t overwhelming OMG, but between the gloves and the Cross Chill Earwarmer… there are some things this week to be reasonably amped about 🙂

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    1. Mine don’t! I love them and live in them, both tights and joggers. I’ve got lots of the tights and 3 of the joggers, wear them all the time, no issues.

    2. Same here. All of mine have held up very well. The only pilling I’ve ever experienced is the black pair I wear with boots. There’s some light pilling where the top of the boot meets the leggings. But, I wear them all the time with the same boots, and I didn’t notice it for months. Other than that, no issues with other pairs. I always wonder what people are doing in the leggings when they experience “pilling all over within a few hours” (as some of the reviews say.) I think you’d really have to be doing something rough with them in order to get that to happen immediately? Just my experience though.

      1. Good to know! Ill try them out then. They get such bad reviews that I hesitate ever single time to purchase.

    3. Mine haven’t, but I don’t wear them daily. It has to take a constant amount of rubbing in the same spot in order to pill. My Align Pants have pilled on the inner thigh (obviously) and on the left quad where I’m constantly hitting them with a silicone watch band when I drive. That’s it.

  1. How is the sizing for the Zoned In tights in your experience? Reviews seem to indicate its a “size up” item.

    1. They’re meant to be incredibly tight. Sizing up kind of compromises the whole point of being a compression tight. Grab a measuring tape and trust the size chart on this one, my TTS 10 is perfect.

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