In 30 Seconds or Less: Athleta Headlands Hybrid Moto Tight

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Oh hey there, Thursday. Lulu’s WMTM uploads have been a bit inconsistent surrounding the big Black Friday drop, so instead let’s keep this week’s ball rolling with another speedy review of Athleta’s Headlands Hybrid Moto Tight, one of my Black Friday purchases.

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Clif’s Notes of the Clif’s Notes: They run a little small, only the front is wind/water resistant and the ankle zips are super helpful to get in/out. The seams in the moto detailing reduce the tight’s ability to stretch, so the zips help the ankle portion to stay skinny.

A close-up of the moto detailing on the front

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  1. Did you get that surprise email today for $25 off your Athleta purchase? I used mine on something a bit mundane, a black speedlight tank, but I love those as a base layer under sweaters that I don’t want to wash often.

    1. I did not. IMHO there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to who Athleta chooses to send discount codes and offers to and when they do it. I got emails from them today, but there was definitely zero discount included. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      1. I’m just glad I opened it (had a teaser in the subject line) because about 95% of my advertising emails I delete without opening.

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