WMTM Alert: the Best of Lululemon’s Black Friday

lululemonWMTM Alert

Alright, lulu did a fun thing and launched Black Friday a day on the early side this year. So just like it’s a plain old Thursday afternoon around lunch time, here are some of the best of the bunch for you to snag on that break between pie & more pie.

Stretchy pants are your friend. This is by no means a comprehensive listing of what’s available right now, but here are the highlights you may want to snag before it’s too late 🙂

WMTM Alert: Black Friday 2019 Edition

Tights / Pants / Crops

Say hello to something we don’t often see… BLACK items marked down!

Shirts / Tank Tops / Bodysuits / Dresses

Jackets & Hoodies

Bras & Bralettes

Pretty much all the bralettes are down to $14. As far as the sportier/functional options:

There are 18 items in my shopping cart right now. I don’t need to have 18 items in my shopping cart right now. Night Diver Zoned In Tights though… MY GIFT CARD AND I ARE ZONING IN ON YOU.


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  1. I…got the Zoned In Tight in Night Diver. And a $39 Enlite Bra (my first). My preferred bra size sold out between 10am this morning and 1:30pm, so I’m going with my sister size and praying for the best.

      1. I was also thinking about the Tightest Stuff and those cold weather ones but the sizing reviews on both convinced me I was making the right choice to pass over.

  2. Does this likely mean the Train Times Pant is being discontinued? I never thought it was flattering, as it made my butt look soooo flat. Good riddance.

    I had the Sea Foam Invigorate Bra, black/white printed Energy Bra High Neck, and Honeycomb Love Crew in my cart earlier this morning but decided I didn’t really want anything–even at a hefty discount.

      1. I think the Train times were the replacements for the Inspire crops. I remember they started showing up when the Inspires were discontinued…. and now we’re without both! Other than WU, swiftlies and the Define, what is there left that is an old LLL style? SAD!!

  3. I’m tempted by the Zoned In tights too. I’m loving pictures of all things Marvel and I want to buy something in that color.

    Is the color IRL the same as the website pictures? It looks more dark purplish to me on the website, but I’m wondering if it’s actually just another version of adobe or black cherry? Anyone seen it in person?

    1. I have marvel in the bomber jacket that’s marked down, and it’s true to the color on the website. It’s a really pretty dark fuchsia, nothing like dark adobe or black cherry.

  4. Thanksfor the hyper-detailed write up— as per always, Katy! I managed to snag online the BLACK Train Times Pants 25” ( a lululemon sale 🦄). Was considering the in movement right in the spray died purple but think that I need to try these on in person first due to print placement issues. Wish they had $29 energy bras this year like last year’s Black Friday sale, but beggars can’t’ be choosers. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Woke up early and grabbed an align crop in polar shift embossed black, high neck energy bra in sea frost – couldn’t be happier! Also snagged a couple of on the mat pouches for gifts in black neoprene. Would have like to pick up an in movement tight but haven’t tried them on yet and couldn’t pull the trigger.

  6. Is it me or do they keep adding items? I placed an order on Thursday night and another today. I know I didn’t see the herringbone flow Y bra nor the lotus reversible wrap on Thursday.

  7. I went to a Lululemon store in Black Friday because I know sometimes the store has their clearance even further marked down. Was disappointed that everything in store was basically what was online :(. Lesson learned for next year!

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