5 Faves & a Dud: Seeing Red + a Green Monster

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

So I did a silly thing called “ask Instagram what I should do with my Tuesday” and the choices were:

  1. Watch the new Iliza Schlesinger special on Netflix
  2. Write this blog post

As of writing this opening yammer, the score is 94% in favor of writing this post. The people have spoken, Iliza can wait until the plane later this week.


This is me, giving the people what they want. READ ON!

5 Faves & a Dud: 11/19/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Melodic Movement Long Sleeve ($88) in Mini Space Dye Herringbone Heathered Black White/Black

I’m 99.9% sold on this turtleneck for the colder weather. It’s in the middle between light & dark so makeup stains won’t be obvious for cosmetic klutzes like me. The 0.01% point docked is because of the seam in the front, but I’ll get over it.

Favorite #2: My Element Tank ($78) in Black

A few stragglers showed up to the lululemon x Roksanda collection today, and this one is my favorite. It reminds me of the Work the Circuit Tank from a few years back.

Did I take a pair of scissors and butcher the bra out of my WTC tank to make it two pieces? Mmmmaybe. 🙂

Favorite #3: Free to Be Serene Bra ($52) in Dark Red

It’s beautiful. That is all.

Favorite #4: Energy Bra ($52) in Laguna

Had to do a self check and make sure I didn’t feature this bra LAST week. Nah, that was the Free to Be Wild, same model though. She makes this color look good and I too want to look good in this color.

Favorite #5: Scuba Hoodie Plush ($128) in Heathered Night Diver

I got my Mom one of these for Christmas last year, and she LOVED it. Then, my size sold out and I was SOL when I decided hey maybe I want one too. If you’re looking for the ultimate cozy factor, look no further than this hoodie. It’s legit.

The Dud: Calm Calling Long Sleeve *Wash ($88) in Sand Wash Algae Green


Dishonorable Mention: On Track Short Sleeve *Wash ($84)

Not only does the 2-in-1-but-not-really look strange, who is willing to pay $84 for this?

Sweater SZN is Here

Tons of cold weather knits this week. Lots of the country has been getting an Arctic blast in the last week or so – willing to bet I’m not the only who’s recently dug into their sweater bin with reluctance.

  • Scuba Hoodie *Cashlu – probably soft AF but also $158. So… I should not try this on unless I’m okay with lining lulu’s pockets with another $158. Featuring heathered pink bliss to show the details, but it’s also available in Black, Night Diver and Gray.
  • Cozy Calling Turtleneck – this one is DOING IT for me. I generally shy away from knits on the chunky side, but this one strikes a nice balance for me. Plus, I love the way they styled it with a dark olive puffer.
  • As Promised Crew Neck Sweater – pair with deep indigo skinnies and light brown boots. Boom, say hello to your winter uniform without looking too Johnny Cash/funeral (like me).

Wanna Dress Like a Couch?

Because velvet is how you dress like a plush ass couch. Someone forgot to call and let me know that velvet is back, but according to lululemon IT IS HERE AND YOU HAVE OPTIONS, GIRL.

I Like Red Stuff

I’m always thrilled when a nice rich red like Flamenco Red, Love Red or Dark Red comes around. No pink no orange no rust just RED. In addition to the Free to Be Serene Bra, we’ve got pieces making Dark Red’s presence known amongst the yellows and greens.

Oh and this stuff too

  • SPARKLE SOCKS THOUGH. I admitted I scrolled past the Born to Sparkle Sock *3 Pack at first, because the pink bliss ones were in the featured image. Black/Gold is where it’s at, though. *adds to cart*
  • Speaking of shiny objects, lulu snuck in a black/silver Swiftly Speed Racerback *Shine on us.
  • In addition to the My Element Tank, the Inner Expanse Tank arrived as part of Roksanda part… 1.1? I won’t say Part II. I think that’s coming in January-ish. Anyhow, I like the high neck and fitted bodice. Most crew necks lately are baggy muscle tanks. I like how this one gives the wearer some shape.
  • Beware of the Honeycomb Scuba Hoodie! I know that grape leaf makes it look super happy in comparison, but remember the Energy Bra I got on my birthday. It was not marigoldy and fun. It was an instant return.
  • I’m curious about the Full Day Ahead Shirt. First time I’ve seen lulu get into the plaid ish since buffalo check and varsity plaid a few years ago. I’m wary of flannels due to my large shoulders, but if I see it in a store I’ll definitely give it a whirl.
  • More spray dye on the scene: Energy Bra *High Neck in Linear Spray Dye White Deep Ocean
  • The Stacked Jacquard Black Cherry Nocturnal Teal All Night Festival Bag is making me want to incorporate less black and more navy into my wardrobe.
  • I want to make long sweaters work, but if I don the As Promised Cardigan will I look nice and not like I’m in a snuggie… as promised? (Hmm ok that joke was a stretch)
  • I’m trying to think of a use for the Dash All Day Bucket Bag *6L. Running all over the place with snacks? GoPro crap? Maybe makeup artists could use this on the fly? I dunno. It’s kind of tactical in aesthetic but for some reason it’s working for me.
  • Loungeful Drape LS is looking like the Back in Action’s slightly skinnier fraternal twin.
  • I want to love the black/deep coal Breeze By Long Sleeve *Stripe b/c it reminds me of micro macro stripe black soot, but for some reason I think the fabric is throwing me off, b/c it’s not rulu.

Alright, I’m tired of typing. We’ve seen enough. While there’s some weird spots, we’ve got some bright spots too. Lululemon truly is running the gamut this holiday season to make something for absolutely EVERYONE.

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  1. I was also hyped to see Dark Red, but not in any of those pieces, sadly. It’s fall/winter; I get it, but these boring colors are…boring. It seems like everything comes in the same colorways: black, white, some-sort-of-purple-or-maroon. Again and again.

    If the Plush Scuba came in Dark Red with gold hardware, I’d have already placed my order. I missed out on them last year as well, but these colors just aren’t speaking to me. Night Diver with the silver detailing is the best of the bunch, though. If it hits WMTM, which it won’t, I might consider it then.

    And velvet? Nope.

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