5FD: The Rest of This Week’s Notes


Less than thrilled with spring germs this week. I started feeling like garbage on Saturday and still… 4 days, tons of sleep, fluids and vitamins later… I still feel like garbage on Wednesday afternoon.

Maybe when I go back to my native habitat (an airplane) this weekend, that the somehow “toxic for everyone else but fine for me” air will kill off whatever’s been ailing me so that I’ll be race ready for next weekend.

As promised before I so rudely raced off to work this morning (only to be sent home by my team at lunch because I was so noticeably feeling out of it)… here’s the rest of my recap on what lululemon’s serving up this week.

5FD: The Rest of This Week’s Notes

  • I am DIGGING the lime pop Hotty Hot Short II *Long. I’ve never tried a pair of these, but now I seriously want to.
  • I’m curious about the Laser Focused Bra. It’s pricier than usual ($78), features fancy straps in back, but also hook & eye closure. Wondering if it’s a less intense version of the Enlite Bra?
  • Whether we like it or not, longer length bike shorts are making a comeback this season. I think I may be good with the 6″ version, but the Fast & Free Short Non-Reflective 10″ also made its debut this week.
  • Lululemon’s got to stop releasing dresses with gaping holes in back. (Here’s staring at you, Day Tripper Dress.) I need a normal one to wear to work, thanks.
  • While it looks out of season and out of place at first glance, the Look Ahead Run Long Sleeve… is actually made of the techie UV protecting fabric that I like, just like the Water Bound Hoodie.
  • So the Swiftly Speed Racerback. Can we agree that it’s basically swiftly tech fabric with a CRB cut?
  • Tracker Short V enthusiasts can welcome flamenco red into the fold.
  • I admit to dropping the ball and not having ordered the Extra Long Pace Rival Skirt yet. If you already own black & white and were hoping for a color, butter pink has gotten the nod, if you can call it a color.
  • Updates are rare in the Pace Rival Crop department, but cherry cola just showed up on the shelf. Fizz.

Alright. I’m really done now. I can’t stop staring at those lime pop shorts. I WANT THE LIME POP SHORTS! 🤩

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  1. I was also wondering about the Swiftly Speed Racerback. The only difference I thought I saw was that it hits higher up in the armpits, which is what I hate about the CRB. Is that it? It would be nice if lulu’s website description was better *eye roll*. Nothing for me this week.

    1. The arm holes I’m usually okay with, my interest was piqued on this one because the torso seems longer and the neck is slightly higher cut. Will have to see if I can find on in person to try on and report back.

      1. I chatted with GES today and was told the Swiftly Speed version is not seamless nor 4-way stretch. It looks seamless though….would love to hear your thoughts if you see in-store!

  2. My friend was wearing the swiftly speed racerback over the last weekend, and it looked identical to the swiftly tech racerback. Material, cut, everything. I’m confused about this tank.

    As a speed shorts lover that cannot do the speed ups and think the HH 2.5″ are a little too breezy, the HH long are the perfect length. Run times do not work for me because I have crossfit quads, but the HH longs are great. If i have no budget, i would stock up on HH longs wherever i could find them!

  3. You should try the Athleta neon yellow/green Running Free shorts. A much better cut/fit than last year’s short of the same name and I cannot stop wearing them!!! They feel appropriately long, a little high rise, have a super comfy waistband, and did in mention neon yellow?

    1. I still have to give Athleta shorts a try! With so many Speeds in my closet already and the fact that I run in crops exclusively, I’m not always on the lookout for expanding the shorts lineup unless the cut/color is really something new and different.

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