WMTM Alert: 5/9/19 Edition

lululemonWMTM Alert

Hey look, it’s 5/9. I’m 5’9″. If that’s all the witty intro I can come up with, I should quit now while I’m not even ahead. There’s such a thing as ‘cutting your losses’, amirite? You all know what Thursday means: another update to lululemon’s We Made Too Much!

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  • No use saving the best for last: both the porcelaine & super purple join the amazonite Free to Be Serene Bra in the lineup for $39 in all sizes except 14. (Amazonite is down to 2 & 4 only)
  • Easy Going Hoodie, here so soon? Check my Fitting Room notes before you buy. Both honey lemon and black are marked down to $69 in all sizes.
  • Energy Bra *Long Line – $39, quicksand, all sizes
  • Need work clothes? The On the Move Pant is down to just $49 and is running a full gamut of sizes, 0-14, in basic black.
  • For the inevitable early summer days where you get too much sun and need to layer up with some UV protection on the beach… Stripe in Stride Long Sleeve is $59 in both black & serene blue. I find the stretchy techie fabric long sleeves PERFECT for casual summer dinners. Did I just talk myself into spending another $59? Maybe.
  • The steam blue On the Fly Short is $39 in 2, 10 and 12 – again, check my notes before ordering, they are pretty roomy.
  • I caved for a full price deep marine Swiftly earlier this week, for the same color but half the $$$, the Ebb to Street Tank II will look nice with a summer glow.
  • While it’s not the black I’ve been eyeballing, more colors & sizes of the Crescent Tank have arrived for $39
    • White & Heathered Vapor – size 12 only
    • Miami Pink Light – 4 & 6 only
  • The Love Crew *Fade options look snoozy, but thinking reasonably they both would probably fit into a basic jeans/cons/tee outfit over the summer far more often than anyone thinks they will.
  • My favorite run tank – Sculpt Tank II – poppy coral & antique bark are still $49, meanwhile that dappled daze multi craziness is $34
  • Vintage plum Align Short 4″ for $34? Yeah that’s a good deal.
  • I know my angles enough to know the Know Your Angles Poncho is not going to work for me, but she totally works the look, I just had to share the photo again. You may accept the knowing your own angles challenge for $69.

There are still tons of options kicking around on We Made Too Much, but I’ve been looking at it for so long my eyeballs are starting to melt. Aside from the porcelaine and super purple offerings, it’s a quiet day yet again, unless you’re a daring soul who doesn’t think they’ll get serene blue dirty. 😜

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  1. The Soothe Away hoodie is down from last week’s 99 to 79. It’s an amazing hoodie. I’m surprised all sizes and colors are still available. Highly recommend! Just got me another color at the further reduced size.

    1. Gah I meant to feature that one, good call! Looks super cozy to accommodate the fact that halfway through may it’s still in the 40’s outside 🥶

  2. It looks like they’re trying to get rid of some of the prints. I picked up a speed short in springscape multi/obsidian online and not sure if I’ll like or hate them in person.

    1. There really haven’t been too many prints lately that jazz me lately. I was hopeful with interconnect blue multi, but TBH I’ve had the crops in the bag for 3 weeks and am considering returning them. I need bright IN YO FACE options!

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