5 Faves & a Dud: April’s No Fool

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Hey there, blogosphere! Coming at you live and in person from my brand new incognito camo multi grey Align Pant IIs that I absolutely picked up in last week’s restock.

DID YOU KNOW: It’s kind of difficult to type a blog post when you’re a little too obsessed with the chicken enchilada stuffed sweet potato on your desk? I should probably do that whole ‘mindful eating’ thing and actually sit down at the table and taste my food, but… it’s the first Tuesday of the month and y’all know that means there’s a bunch of stuff to talk about.

At least typing with your mouth full is less uncouth than talking with your mouth full.

5 Faves & a Dud: 3/19/19 Edition

Fave #1: Fast & Free Crop II ($118) in jet stream

Yeah yeah, I’m predictable AF when it comes to Fast & Frees and royal blue. I’m a woman who knows what she likes, and I’d like to try these on to make sure they’re not sheer first.

Not pictured but worth an Honorable Mention, the Speed Up Crop also dropped in jet stream this evening 🙂

Fave #2: Roll Around Tee *Light ($58) in midnight navy

I feel that it is my duty to draw attention to this rather simple piece. This can go with work outfits, casual weekend outfits, any outfit ever. Already picturing myself in this with some cute seersucker shorts & white converse tennis shoes on Cape Cod. Or maybe the shorts are khaki. Or Nantucket red. Listen to me, I sound so vanilla.

Anyhow, I feel like a lot of people may scroll past due to its simplicity, but I feel like this tee deserves some positive attention 🙂

Fave #3: Free to Be Serene Bra ($52) in super purple

I can’t deal with another “what color is this” debate, and my poor eyes think super purple looks kind of blue but the name confirms that shut up Katy it is PURPLE.

But go figure the serene BLUE Swiftly Tech LS looks purple. AGGGHHH.

Fave #4: Goal Up Tank ($58) in Spaced Out Space Dye Black White

There have been few and far between space dyes that I’ve met and not liked, and this Goal Up is no exception. While annoying to sit back in a chair in, I have always dug the tie-back tank trend.

Fave #5: Tuck & Gather Pullover ($98)

I can’t bring myself to declare one color a clear winner over the other two. If buying for myself I’d probably go gray to match my already Wednesday Addams wardrobe just because that’s who I am as a person. All I know is that it’s a flattering design, and french terry modal means you’re never going to want to take this pullover off.

Fave #6: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve (Breeze) ($68) in ray

I’m good at math. This could have slid in completely under my radar a week or two ago because the color swatch is buried, but as I was wrapping up my (what I thought was finished) post, I couldn’t help but race back to shed some light on this amazingly neon shirt that I now am on a mission to hunt down.

The Dud

Enlite Hydraffinity Vest ($178)

As a distance runner who LOVES a good hydration vest, it pains me to list it here but I have to. I was beyond excited to see the Enlite Hydraffinity Vest come to the states this week after seeing a Runners World UK article hyping it up, and then I read the final sentence of the product description. Read for yourself.

Stop at nothing. Designed for dedicated distance runners and avid adventurers, this revolutionary run vest merges the optimal support of a high-performance bra with convenient hydration. Layer this intelligent design layer over your activewear to give yourself the elevated support (and quick-sip hydration) you need to hit the ground running. Please note, this run vest does not come with a water bladder.


You mean to tell me that for $178 you’re selling me a ‘hydration’ vest that DOESN’T EVEN COME WITH A WAY TO HOLD THE WATER?! I’m pretty sure that means it’s just a Batman-looking sports bra with pockets. Consider saving yourself $100+ and picking up a Stash ‘N Run Bra for your keys & goos.

From the Soap Box

  • As a camo fan I would be remiss not to mention that there’s an incognito camo multi grey Scuba Hoodie IV with which you can complete the head to toe “CAN’T FIND ME NOW” look.
  • The Free to Be Serene Bra *Long Line hops in on said long line bandwagon, and I dig how Wee Are From Space Nimbus Battleship looks.
  • Is it me or does the Wunder Under Crop *Ribbed have a little bit of a Rebel Runner vibe going on?
  • Speaking of vibes, the parallel stripes that made a surge at Christmas are now available in the Train Times 7/8 Pant, which I admittedly still haven’t tried on.
  • Everyone’s favorite sports bra and the high neck trend finally cross paths – meet the Energy Bra *High Neck, which is available in black, white and copper coil (aka rose).
  • The graphite purple Speed Up Short will look good if you have a tan. I wore shorts to the gym yesterday and can confirm I do NOT have a tan.
  • Next up, let’s talk country club sports. I know I’m not the only one out there who grew up with a tennis racket and golf clubs in their hands. For my fellow prepsters who are looking for a few new pieces to fit in with the tennis & golf crowd, whether it be for fun or corporate outings, I appreciate the Swiftly Speed Sleeveless Henley, and the Swiftly Speed Polo.
  • Styling is everything. How else was I about to nominate the black Know Your Angles Poncho for the Dud before the whole ‘no hydration’ thing, but then I clicked on the gray one and thought “oooh she cute”. It has sleeves though. So isn’t this really a super short capey sweatshirt thing? I’m so confused.
  • They snuck in a dark red Pace Rival Skirt (Tall) so I’m sneaking it in between this poncho side-by-side just because I can.
  • Seeing that lulu’s no bueno at explaining the differences between the Sheer Joy Jacket (short-haired model) and the On the Horizon Jacket (the blonde) at first glance, I will. The Sheer Joy is straight in the back, the On the Horizon Jacket flares out all cute and lulu-like. They look a little odd with white underneath, but for some reason, I’m ever so slightly digging the 1990s plastic rain coat vibes.
  • Last but not least let’s finish off this accidentally long blog post with a pocket full of sunshine because I am quite liking the happy pop of color that honey lemon is bringing. To liven your wardrobe up…

Hooooooooooly crap this ended up being a long post, and I didn’t even cover it all. The Early Morning Dress doesn’t cover it all either 😂

*ba dum tsss*

All stock images courtesy of lululemon athletica

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  1. at first i thought this was a late april fool’s day joke with the jetstream pants and 3/19 date (wink). But then the rest fell in place. I’m glad to see the blues and hoping honey yellow shows up in an energy bra. I am confused by most of the rest though….it feels a bit like left over materials being used up – “let’s do a pipe dream free to be, a porcelaine serene and a brisk blue tank” – huh? and I guess the super purple will go with that tank i got last year in the same color….. A cropped cape and a water bra that’s just pockets? The uploads get stranger each week (and yet I still check them…. so what does that say about me???)

    1. I also hope to see Honey Lemon in a bra. The Energy Bra cuts into my armpits too much, so I’m holding out for my ride-or-die Invigorate Bra or something with a high neck and more narrow cut on the sides. (I won’t hold out to too hard, as I know that’s a long shot). I love the scuba pieces but don’t think I can pull off THAT much yellow.

      I’m also considering the Swiftly Henley, but the $6 price hike over a regular tank has me thinking a bit longer…not quite sure why.

      1. I’d be surprised to see an HL Invigorate before an Energy, but never say never! As for the henley… $1 per button, $3 for the collar? Ha!

    2. Hahahaha it took me a minute to figure that one out. Maybe next time I’m really strapped for content I’ll just paste the entire previous week’s and just be like YUP STILL GOOD

      We all still check them (and I am the one who spends time to write about it), so we’re all in the same boat 🙂

  2. Oh my! I have to wholeheartedly agree. I was intrigued by the “hydration” vest when they mentioned it in a German fitness magazine, but the price is outrageous, even more so given that it comes without the water bladder. Ugh! Bold move … and dare I say rather stupid. I cannot see anyone buying it. How would you know which bladder even fits? Thanks, but no thanks, I’ll happily stick with my Camelbak marathoner which has served me very well over the last few years.

    1. I agree that the price is a bit steep, given that you need to spend an additional $20-30 elsewehere just to get the full effect. It takes a 1.5L bladder, but if someone already has a bladder that size hanging around the house, that means it probably came in a hydration pack that they already happily use.

  3. So how does this hydration vest work? If it doesn’t come with a bladder, do you supply your own? And if so, what size? I have a couple of Osprey bladders for different size backpacks (used when hiking). Is that the sort of bladder this vest requires? I don’t expect you to answer these questions, Katy. ;.) They are all rhetorical, came to mind, and I wonder how Lululemon would answer them.

    1. I was able to find the answer in the super fine print 🙂

      It’s engineered to be compatible with a 1.5L (50oz) bladder, which is think is a pretty common size for the smaller packs in Osprey & CamelBak’s product lines. Sounds like you probably already own something that will fit!

  4. The Tuck and Gather Pullover looks super cute and something that would get a lot of wear. That Batman water vest though…

  5. I was thinking about the hydration vest today and why they wouldn’t just include the bladder with that high price. I know they are $20-30 to buy, but probably pretty inexpensive to produce. That’s when it occurred to me…Lulu probably doesn’t have their factory ready to produce the bladders, but the hydration vest is clothing they are ready to make. They’d probably have to either pay someone to design a bladder or buy a design for one. It’s less money and trouble just to say BYO, then start producing the vests. Which, makes me think they probably shouldn’t be doing this in the first place and trying to compete with those who do.

    I don’t use a hydration vest, so maybe there is something special here that I don’t get. It will be interesting to see if it sells and if people like it.

    1. That’s kind of what the Ed told me on Friday afternoon, after she was like “OMG THIS IS SUPER POPULAR” as she saw me grabbing a vest off the rack. Pretty sure she thought I was an easy sale until I started asking questions.

      “Well lululemon isn’t a sports company so any bladder we would have made wouldn’t be as good as our competitors”

      … Totally okay to contract it out, girl. Delta doesn’t build their own jet engines but the plane still needs them to fly.

  6. There is a review of the hydration vest on YouTube. It’s called “Lululemon Hydraffinity vest review” posted by Twice the Health”.
    They think it’s pricey but worth the money.

    1. Haven’t been able to check the video out yet – thanks for the heads up! After trying it on this weekend, it’s very comfy but I’m still not 100% on it, probably because I have a perfectly good Osprey at home.

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