WMTM Alert: Lululemon’s Boxing Day Sale

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In contrast to Black Friday, it seems as though there are some significant discounts going on with lululemon’s Boxing Day Sale. You’re not here for a wordy preamble, so let’s just get right to it.

WMTM Alert: Lululemon’s Boxing Day Sale

SOOOOO I kind of have a plane to catch so I’ve got to stop short, but today’s sale is worth checking out. I’ll be back later if I can, but in the meantime… buh bye gift card 😀


  1. I got the rebel runner crops in the maroon and black splatter paint… Thought 59 was a good price for them

    Do you the APL sneakers run true to size… I wear a 10 and most Nikes but I heard EPL runs small and so I should size up to a 10.5

    1. The first pair of TechLoom Pros I got, I thought that my TTS 9 felt a little small, so I exchanged them for a 9.5, which I regret.

      My second pair of APLs (the Ascends), I stick with my TTS 9 and they fit great 🙂

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