#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 7 Training Recap

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Someone call me the Condiment Queen because it’s time to play a few weeks of catch up. Get ready for one of the most underwhelming training update of the year so far. Seventy-hour work weeks are a serious fitness mojo killer.

Because I’m *such* a serious data dweeb, I’d been having trouble quantifying my fitness/workouts in Minneapolis. At home, a run is a run and nothing else matters. On the road, I was hauling a 20lb backpack 2.5 miles round trip to/from work, and I like to think that is somewhat valuable time spent on my feet.

For the first full week I was in MN, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how I could be tired from simply walking a bunch. Then I grabbed my luggage scale and hooked my backpack on to see what I was working with.

#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 7

FWIW any time I say ‘Work Walk’, it’s somewhere between 1.15-1.41 miles… depending on which Starbucks I ducked into that morning. #priorities

Day 43 – Sunday 7/8

REST DAY + One-Way Work Walk

Damn, Daniel. Sunday didn’t feel much like a rest day. Lots of manual labor at work, and I put on a respectable 17,411 steps on the Garmin after 30,026 the day before. Woof.

Day 44 – Monday 7/9

Run 3.5mi HR <145 + One-Way Work Walk

Wooooo heart rate miles at 6:00a with a nicey nice stop at Starbucks on the way back to the hotel to get ready for work. Mobile ordering is the greatest. πŸ˜€

Special shoutout to my lululemon yoga towel and muscle stick for being small suitcase friendly!

Day 45 – Tuesday 7/10

REST DAY + One-Way Work Walk


The road to too many rest days is paved with early morning alarms and snooze buttons. I really did mean to get up and work out. Really. At least I got the mile walk in to Starbucks & work.

Day 46 – Wednesday 7/11

Tempo Run = Warmup 2 + Fast 3 + Die for .25 + Vertical Cooldown + Round Trip Work Walk

I’m slightly ashamed to share, but in the name of transparency I will publicly own up to the fact that I did what I managed not to do at all last year… I went for an indoor tempo run and hit the big red MERCY button on the treadmill πŸ™

Even at 7pm, it was 93 degrees out. Black clouds and a bunch of wind seemed rather ominous on my trek home, so I opted to run in one of my least favorite places: the stuffy hotel gym, on the treadmill. Do I earn any bonus points for sweating ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE? Cause I did.

Vertical cooldown was climbing 19 floors worth of stairs to get back to my room. Woof.

Day 47 – Thursday 7/12

REST DAY + One Way Work Walk

Are you sick of reading the words Rest Day yet?

All I did was take a mediocre elevator selfie and wonder if my double food item order from Starbucks in the morning was being judged or commended by the barista that drew that lil guy on my bag.

Day 48 – Friday 7/13

Run 2mi HR <145 + Attempted Yoga + Round Trip Work Walk

Knowing that I’ve been unable to get as many HR miles in as I’d like recently, I did my best to get a little bit of blood pumping before work on Friday, despite the rain outside. I’d have gone for a third mile on the hotel treadmill if I didn’t have an incessantly coughing broseph on the tready next to me. If you’re sick, STAY AWAY.


I then attempted some yoga for runners and felt incredibly NON-flexy. Time for me to commit to a ROMWOD subscription. I got more replies than expected to my insta-story inquiry for feedback on their programming, and “LOVE IT” was a unanimous reply from anyone who chimed in.


Then I went to a Twins game and had cheese curds & beer for dinner. #nutrition

Day 49 – Saturday 7/14

Run 5mi + Round Trip Work Walk

By the time Saturday rolled around, I knew I simply had to move, even if my work schedule didn’t allow for me to get the full 10-mile long run in that was on my training plan.

Every 4ish weeks we drop my long run to 7-8 before pushing ahead, and I had a scheduled drop for 7/28. However, I asked Joanna if it would F things up terribly if I dropped it down a few weeks early when time was tight and did a longer push from late July into early August.

#SeaKatyWheeze Cumulative Stats


Miles Run: 15.75
WODs Done: 0
Calories Burned: 1352
Miles Traveled: 0
Nights on the Road: 7


Miles Run: 138.25
WODs Done: 10
Calories Burned: 19102
Miles Traveled: 15541
Nights on the Road: 19

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