5 Faves & a Dud: the Slurpee Edition

5 Faves & a Dud

I call this week’s post the slurpee edition, because today’s date is 7/11. Come to think of it, I just finished an awfully sweaty tempo run on the treadmill, and a slurpee sounds damn delightful right about now. Who are we kidding, I’d really love a frozen margarita. If you’re going to have unnecessary sugar, at least get a minor buzz out of the deal.

Anyhow, this week’s top 5 is a random mix, including a sweet pair of crops from Lucas Hugh, thanks to the rare occasion that an Instagram ad actually piques my interest. Kinda wanna buy the expensive crops, kinda wanna pay my student loans off before I’m 33. Decisions, decisions…

This Week’s Favorites

From top, L-R:

But Toto, We’re Not in Winter Anymore

About the rando winter boots inclusion: the Joan of Arctic Wedges are currently ON MEGA SALE. I get compliments every single time I wear these in the winter, and when you’re actually thinking about winter boots in November, these will be back at full price and set you back $250. Sizes 9+ who don’t already own them, now’s your time to save $100. Just freaking do it.

Outfit Idea

Featuring two faves, the Sorel Ella and the super affordable Old Navy dress, I’ve found my go-to summer outfit for 2018, the dress tied together with a chambray shirt.

Who needs a belt when you have a bunch of random long-sleeved options in your closet?

The dress is admittedly a bit short on me, so the chambray does double duty: belt and extra length. The first time I threw together this outfit, I was legitimately attempting to dress like a girl for once. Kind of feeling like it actually worked.

The Dud

Lululemon Final Count Tee ($68) in quicksand

In the words of John Mayer… Why, Georgia WHY?

I sometimes wonder what it’s like to be the model who’s told “your job is to make this monstrosity look appealing.”

How do you even… can you? I just… what is this? Even Gisele would have a tough time rocking this spandex potato sack. Mmmmmnah no thanks not happening can we put this on WMTM like, tomorrow? Cool, thanks.


  1. I wanted to check out the cute Ella shoes but the link (both in your 5 faves list and in your outfit ideas) led me to that ugly Lululemon shirt. Don’t torture me like that!

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