#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 6 Training Recap

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Good news for my peace of mind! That weird feeling of “I feel like my legs are going to give out and don’t belong to me” seems to have 98% gone away. I was starting to get worried.

Sometimes I still feel a touch of numbness in the tip of my ring fingers, but there’s a drastic improvement over what it originally was. Hopefully whatever it was will permanently subside in the near future.

#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 6

Day 36 – Sunday 7/1

SUP 1 Hour

Sunday was disgustingly hot. Triple digits & humidity & slime & who the f*ck wants to go outside kind of hot. When you wake up in an air conditioned home but see weekend sun out the windows, you naturally feel the urge to go outside. I wanted to, even though my weather app was all “girl you really don’t want to.”

Arm = tan. Stomach = not tan.

I decided to do productive things around the house like vacuum and dust but around 2pm, the heat couldn’t hold me back and I wanted my Vitamin D. Sweaty little river session that turned out to be.

Day 37 – Monday 7/2

CrossFit + Bonus Mile

Fight Club (AMRAP – Reps)
3 Rounds, for Total Reps:
1 Minute Thrusters (95/65)
1 Minute Power Cleans (95/65)
1 Minute Box Jump Overs (24/20)
1 Minute Pull-ups
1 Minute Assault Bike Calories
1 Minute Rest

We did the benchmark making the rounds on Comptrain, Fight Club. So you all know the thing about the army pants & flip flops… same type of thing. Basically, our gym’s coaches saw Bergeron’s athletes doing fight club… so then we ended up doing Fight Club.


I can tell I haven’t been working strength AT ALL lately. The 65lb barbell thrusters felt like 95lb, but the cleans moved super speedy. Box jumps took some effort, and I did as many pull-ups I could without ripping my hands. I was sharing a bike and the seat ended up being a bit too forward for my liking, but I didn’t want to move it mid-WOD and screw my friend Jen over. I’ve only done 2 WODs on an Assault Bike ever, so I’m still working on finding the right seat heights and settings to find my maximal mojo on that thing. Lesson for next time.

Despite the 95-degree weather I felt obligated to do more than the 15 minutes of work I put in, so I went out for a 1-mile cooldown jog. I plodded along for the first half, and then on the second half of the run I decided to go for 10-12 big strides at every dot (.05mi) on the trail, just to get my legs to feel like what it’s like to MOVE. It was an effort to run BIG, not fast.

I should do that stride thing more often.

Day 38 – Tuesday 7/3

Run 3mi HR<155

I allowed myself an extra 10 BPM for heat, because it was close to a hundo again and I went at the worst possible time of day in a heat wave… 2:45pm on blacktop. Yoga mat was a lil squishy when I finally stood up after sprawling out on the cool floor immediately following my run.

Day 39 – Wednesday 7/4

8x400m Sprint + 400m Rest

Ah, memories. All of my speed work last year was a sampling of whatever CrossFit worked into the course of regular programming. This is the first time I found myself running on an outdoor track since I don’t know when.

High school Katy earned 8 varsity letters in Track & Field (4 Indoors, 4 Outdoor), so I have many fond memories of being at the track.

Except, all those letters were earned for throwing things pretty far. I couldn’t run for beans then, and I can’t really now… which is why it’s so fun to do this whole half marathon thing. Totally out of my element, but it’s fun to push myself to do the thing that I once scoffed at and called impossible: long distance running.

I digress. This workout was super hot and sweaty and I’d totally do it again.

Day 40 – Thursday 7/5

Travel 1050mi

It had been 3 weeks, the airport missed me. So I went back. I hopped on a plane, walked off said plane, went directly to work and suddenly Thursday was over.

Day 41 – Friday 7/6

Run 4mi HR<145 (Oh and 23,000 steps)

Welcome to the part of the training cycle where sleeping in your own bed doesn’t matter and the geese don’t care.

Stone Arch Bridge // Minneapolis, MN

I got a nice easy 4 miles in, and was rather happy to get down by the Mississippi and take in the view from the Stone Arch Bridge.

I think I’m going to game ALL my runs in MN to finish with an across and back of the Stone Arch, so that way I at least get a visual reward every time I’m feeling like I want to die.

Day 42 – Saturday 7/7

Run 9mi

First Mississippi River long run in the can! The first three miles felt like I was shot out of a cannon. I blame low humidity and adrenaline of being back in Minneapolis.

My first two miles were well under 10, and the third would have been had I not had to up and down some stairs and hills to find a way around the stupid geese that were blocking the trail.

Katy does not like geese. It’s fair to say I’m afraid of large, hostile water fowl. Large birds in general freak me the F out. NO THANKS.

So there was that. I naturally slowed down a bit as the run wore on, and I had to pause for a solid minute at 6.5 because I felt myself beginning to overheat. The last 2.5mi were tough and slow, but I got them done.

The reduction in heat & humidity allowed me to see the first glimpse of progress I’ve made in my fitness since starting this year’s training.

This run resulted in my fastest 5K and 5 mile times of 2018. YAAAAAAY!

#SeaKatyWheeze Cumulative Stats

This Week

Miles Run: 22.2
WODs Done: 1
Calories Burned: 3223
Miles Traveled: 1050
Nights on the Road: 3


Miles Run: 122.5
WODs Done: 10
Calories Burned: 17750
Miles Traveled: 15541
Nights on the Road: 12

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