5 Faves & a Dud: Sweaty Betty’s Summer Sale (+Fitting Room Notes)

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I need to do better about shouting from the internet rafters when the very first item I grab from the laundry pile for 3 months on end goes on sale. Especially when it’s not lululemon and you should know that it exists.

I’ve quietly picked up a few pieces from Sweaty Betty in 2018. Out in Aspen I got a super fun base layer set, and in April I had a girl next to me wearing what appeared to be a high-quality top by SB on a plane. I then went and hunted down that exact top in New York City the following week, because one track mind.

It’s the Sweaty Betty Glisten Bamboo LS, and it’s my first grab from the laundry pile EVERY. DAMN. WEEK. (Except when it’s averaging in excess of 90° out lately.)

So, while lulu thinks a 5% discount is worth calling a sale, Sweaty Betty‘s got some hefty markdowns going on in their End of Season Sale, and it’s been taking some significant restraint on my part not to stock up on some techie breathable fun.

5 Faves & a Dud: Sweaty Betty’s End of Season Sale

Fitting Room Notes

I don’t own a ton of Sweaty Betty, so I’m still trying to suss out what size I am. I’ve found that it varies, depending on the piece. Of the few pieces I own, here are some photos and sizing notes from the few times I’ve been able to try SB pieces on.

Note: I’m 5’9″, TTS size 8 in lululemon tops, size 10 in lululemon bottoms

Ski Base Layers

For the Drift LS Ski Base Layer & Leggings, I own an M on top and L on the bottom. I thought the mod look was slick enough to snap this set up for full price at Sweaty Betty’s Aspen pop-up back in January.

Here are a few incredibly poor-quality hotel bathroom selfies from when I first bought the outfit. I overexposed the light so you can see the navy/burgundy color variation. Note that I have a bordeaux drama CRB on underneath.

Looking back, the size L leggings ended up being a bit of a generous fit. I probably should have tried on the M. Because they are meant to be a base layer, the ski sets are breathable, and feel like a very thick set of nylons. Not meant to be worn as an outfit. The only place the M top fit snugly was in the hips, which I know are a size larger than my top half. If buying again, I would get the M again.

Long Sleeve Run Tops

Glisten Bamboo LS – I tried on a couple different options in my quest to find this top. It’s got a snugger fit than the base layer, so I opted for an L. I don’t have much wiggle room in mine, yet don’t feel suffocated. The fabric is perfect, it hasn’t lost any elasticity or faded in 3 straight months of weekly wash cycles.

Breeze Merino Long Sleeve Run Top ($100 $70) – Shown below is another L. I liked this shirt, the perforated panels reminded me of Lululemon’s 2015 Var-City capsule.

Shoulders fit nicely, torso was a bit roomy. Damn you CrossFit shoulders.

Finish Line Long Sleeve Run Top ($80 as low as $24) – Depending on the color, some are marked down as low as $24. Others are either $40 or $56, which is still a significant reduction.

I tried on an M, because I think that’s all the store had that day. This top is a slim fit and is generous in the length department. 100% up my alley, and now that I’m writing this post I want to go back and order one.

Technical Bottoms

Power 7/8 Workout Legging ($110 $55) – Wearing an L, and definitely wouldn’t fit into an M.

Mid-rise, moderate compression. Yes, bum-sculpting but I like to think squats help. Slightly sheer if you’re doing ass to grass squats. Worth $110 maybe not, but for $55 I’d dabble.

Well, crap. I forgot a Dud. I’m out of time and have to run, so that’s dudly.



  1. Thanks for this. I recently came across your blog and I LOVE IT! I exercise similarly to you (crossfit & running), and I appreciate the fit/product reviews from a variety of brands. I ordered some things from the SB sale, and looking forward to receiving them and testing them out.

    1. I was trying to be good and only order backups of the Glisten Bamboo LS… but there are SO. MANY. options that I want to give a try!

      Thanks for the kind words, btw – welcome to my little corner of the internet, I’m glad you’re here 🙂

  2. This was very helpful! I have tried ordering Sweaty Betty tights a few times and have always had make returns, because the fit was just off, even when I ordered according to the size chart. I am exactly the same size as you, 5’9″ LLL 8 on top/10 on bottom. Clearly I need to try a large and maybe I’ll have better luck.

    One question though – have you tried any other styles of tights? Every single time, I felt like they were just not made for tall girls. Does ordering a large truly help with that?

    1. Hi! The only Sweaty Betty bottoms I’ve tried on to date are the two shown in this post.

      There are some stores where I just walk in and get a vibe of whether I’m an M or an L, and Sweaty Betty gives me that L vibe (not quite H&M level, though)… hence why I was surprised that the size L ski base layer felt as generous as it did.

      Looking at the SB size guide, the sizing recommendations IMHO look spot on if you are honest about measuring at the true widest part of your hips. They are awesome enough to include notes on inseam length, and it looks like unfortunately sizing up doesn’t get you any extra length like it sometimes does with other brands. 🙁

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