5 Faves & a Dud: 10/24/17 Edition

5 Faves & a DudAthletaSorel

It’s only Tuesday, and this week already feels like it’s 10 days long. Anyone else? Just me? Awesome. CrossFit is hard. To distract yourself from how slow this week is going, here are 5 more quirky picks from the world of athleisure on this week’s lemon-free list.

I know the hooded North Face Dress was a popular item from last time, and I couldn’t help but snap one up for myself. In case you missed it, catch the review here. And now? ONWARD!

Favorite #1: Athleta Aurora Precision 7/8 Tight ($118) in black*

Oh looky here, I’ve been distracted by a shiny item. Black doesn’t tell the whole story… because Athleta decided to see if they can capitalize on the fact that people were willing to shell out $800 on eBay for lululemon’s rainbow reflective Speed Tights from this year’s exclusive collection. While not an all over effect, I like the angles incorporated into the design. I’ve got my eye on you!

Favorite #2A: Sorel Out ‘N About Boot ($115) in black, mud

I still regret not jumping on the lululemon lumberjack Scuba 2 years ago. I had an expensive July that year, and I tried to exercise some self control. Ugh. Anyway, I’ve been known to tell people that my favorite color is plaid, so it won’t come to a shock to my friends and family that I’m raving over these boots on the internet.

Also, for those who don’t know… I am a complete bootsaholic. Namely, I’m a Sorelholic.

OutAbout1When Sorel released a lineup of buffalo checked boots last week, I nearly fell out of my chair in excitement. I have a pair of their moto boots from last season that are *lined* with this pattern, but now it’s on the outside for the world to see.

Favorite #2B: Sorel Whitney Camp Boot ($110) in red dahlia

Why they call them red dahlia here and black, mud on the others I have no clue. I definitely want a pair of one of these, but I’m not sure which. The Out & Abouts look like I’d wear them around town in New England more. The problem with me at this time of the year is that I start to get Aspen brain, because I’m a lucky duck who gets to spend a few weeks there on business in January. The Whitney Camps would fit in more there. They look like slippers, yes they do.

I don’t know. I am going to order one of these pairs, and soon. Input welcome in the comments section below! (Heads up: If you try and talk me out of them, I won’t listen.)

Not only are Sorels edgy enough in style to wear multiple seasons in a row, they are comfortable, durable and stand up to any snow or puddle you can stomp through.

Side Note: Sorel is owned by Columbia Sportswear. So, next time you go outlet shopping, pop into Columbia and it’s likely you’ll find a lineup of discounted boots.

Favorite #3: Athleta Merino Strobe Sweater ($78.99) in black combo


Like Game of Thrones incessantly reminded the world for years, winter is coming. Winter in my house means I just wear black & gray all the time because everything matches and packing suitcases in colder months becomes a piece of cake.

Monochromatic color blocking. Mod. I dig it.

Favorite #4: Puma Explosive Bodysuit ($49.99) in black

Hear me out. Any time lululemon’s tried to do a one-piece like this, it’s always landed at the bottom of my weekly Tuesday list. If I ever had a reason/occasion/confidence to work out in a one piece, THIS is what it should look like. Yogis, ballerinas, this one’s for you!

Favorite #5: prAna Diva Chevron Quilt Vest ($85.78) in indigo

You know what I love, and don’t own enough of? An off-centered zipper. The cozy lining around the neck is a great spot to bury your face in when you’ve misjudged the weather and thought you could get away with no jacket, just a vest. Because I’ve never done THAT before.

The Dud: NSF Lisse Sweatshirt ($294) in drab and NSF Sayde Sweatpants ($225) in drab


I could not believe my eyes when an email came through my inbox last week that touted these as a stylish new release. Are you kidding me? This is part of Carbon38’s ‘Deconstructed Edit’… which might as well be subtitled ‘War at the Laundromat, and the Laundromat Won’.

More baffling is that the page says ‘Back in Stock’… meaning someone actually bought these drab things the first go around, and Carbon38 had to get more. To that, I say:


That tattered looking getup costs over $500. Walmart sweats and a box cutter will probably set you back $18.47. You decide how you want to spend your money.

To put it in perspective, everything else on this list (incl BOTH pairs of Sorels) total up to ~$562. Those two are $519 alone.

ANYHOO… All this cold weather gear and nowhere to wear it, because it’s October 24th in CT and it’s still 70 degrees out. I suppose I should be grateful that this gives me more time to pick a pair of Sorels.


  1. I was sick in bed this weekend and watched that episode of SpongeBob. LOL. How do Sorel boots fit? TTS? I have my eye on a pair!

    1. I’ve watched far too much Spongebob in my life, more than I should admit on a public forum. 😛

      Sorels for me fit TTS. The only pair I have that feels noticeably larger is a late 2013 release of the Joan of Arctic Boot, which may just happen because they expect people wearing those boots to be in chillier climates and donning thicker socks.

      All eleventy other pairs of Sorels I have fit TTS to the point where I feel confident ordering online. I haven’t encountered a pair that runs small.

      1. I can’t say enough good things about Sorel. Not only are they fun to wear, a ton of their styles are engineered to stand up to rain and snow, so you can help justify the cost in your head as ‘practical footwear’ 🙂

    2. Sorel boots are AMAZING! The only ones I have that aren’t tts are the slimpack tall riding boots. I went up one size for those, but all the other ones I have (and I have like 6 pairs) are right on the size.

      1. My Major Motos felt a little snug out of the box, but I’m wearing them right now and can attest to the fact that they’ve stretched out to accommodate my annoying bunion feet

  2. I saw those athleta tights in the catalog and they caught my eye.

    I like reflective tights for early morning runs in the winter.

    1. I bought the LLL reflective tights and bra currently out – with the r&d discount the price wasn’t as terrible (but I don’t like to think about it, eek). They are so cool in person, but I would love an all over rainbow reflective print… Sigh.

  3. Going to get those athleta reflective tights – I’ve been waiting patiently since I missed out on the Gap’s rainbow reflective pants last year I’d also like to know how Sorels fit.

    1. Do it, and then let us know how they feel! My local store didn’t have any in stock when I checked online last night, so I’m curious. I’m eyeballing more things from Athleta, but haven’t bought anything yet.

      Sorels run TTS. Only one pair of super heavy snow boots I have run a bit big, the bazillion other pairs I’ve got fit great.

  4. Bahaha I thought the same thing about the Carbon38 line. That Moto collection on the other hand… And I feel you on the lumberjack scuba. I still covet that one!

  5. Northface make a sweater to match those boots it has two black toggle buttons (sorry don’t remember the name?) It’s super warm and very similar pattern and colour to that scuba! Had to have it but I also have the scuba so maybe didn’t need both? Oh wait never mind I live in Canada definitely needed both!!!

  6. Ooh that one-piece looks good. I haven’t had much luck with Puma in the opacity department but I might have to hunt this one down to try. I used to be catsuit-averse but I changed my mind after getting Black Milk Clothing’s Sheer catty.

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