Heads Up: REI Garage Sale on Marmot, Oakley & More

Hey look, Monday’s almost over. I’m going to keep this short and sweet, because I really should be in bed instead of blogging about outerwear. For my outdoor gear enthusiasts out there who may or may not need new rain gear, head on over to the REI Garage ASAP.

Through 10/25, the REI Garage is offering an extra 25% off Marmot, Columbia, Oakley and Helly Hansen… aka the GOOD STUFF.



I’ve scanned through the offerings, and it takes a lot of gear down to half of the original retail price. There are quite a few Marmot rain jackets, and I can vouch for the quality of their gear – my rain gear for work is Marmot and it hasn’t let me down.

There are only 4 pairs of Oakley shades subject to this deep discount, but they are all polarized, which is nice for high-glare water sports.

On the Columbia side, I’m eyeballing this utilitarian-looking jacket, the Lookout View Jacket, which shakes out to $41.05 with the sale.

Also worth noting that this discount takes the price tag down on a few pairs of snow pants originally listed around $275.

Sometimes I tend to swipe and delete emails in a hurry without stopping to consider what kind of deals are being dropped in my face. If you’re in the market for protection from the impending freezy frosty weather, this may be the time for you grab something for yourself or the family without breaking the bank.


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