WMTM Alert Express: Energies, OG CRB’s & Marvel Swiftlies

It’s after 1pm and I need to race back to work, but there are a small number of great finds that I want to share ASAP in case they sell out fast! Catch the full upload here, and I will be back a little later with the full gamut of fun. Highlights include:

  • Cool Racerbacks for $29 – rio mist, very light flare, sapphire blue, pink lemonade
  • Energy Bras – all sizes in raspberry glo light and lakeside blue
  • MARVEL Swiftlies! Such a beautiful color… I want I want I want
  • Lots of swimwear from the first round of releases this year.

Mainly, had to post ASAP b/c of those colorful Energy Bras. Go go go! 😀


  1. Thank you for the heads up! I hate that they keep releasing the original CRBs in drips and drabs. Look, Lulu: Upload everything you’ve got gathering dust in the back of the warehouse and I will drop $500 buying one in every pretty color I see. Heck, at this point I’d pay full price for them since I’ve given up hope that they’ll bring back the old design for those of us who hate the CRB II. But I do appreciate the discounted price when I can nab one in WMTM.

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  2. I had both colors of energy bras in my cart along with swiftly l/s in marvel. Like minds lol I just wanted to check to see first if you had posted yet and had any more” must haves” before checking out So glad to see you concur With my choices😂😂😂😂😂Luckily all 3 were still available and are on their way to me …ps in SS marvel is marvel /black and just marvel in LS which I prefer


  3. First time commenting!! Wanted to give you a heads up that I spotted more razzle items in store today! Fast and free bra and hotty hot shorts. 🙂


  4. OT- I was reading your review of the Salty Swim top. Do you remember if you went with an 8 or 10? I’m in between sizes, so I’m not sure…up or down?


    • I got an 8, and actually ended up returning that top a week or two later. It looked super cute but had NO support or padding, which once the OMG CUTE wore off, I realized wasn’t practical.


      • Thank you!! I’m glad I asked since it never clicked with me there is no support! At the very least, I need cups and now I realize it doesn’t have that either. Off to Athleta!!


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