5 Faves & a Dud: Lululemon’s 6/27/17 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Starting off with a completely non-lululemon question. For those of you who use an Amazon Echo or an Echo dot…

Did Alexa change her voice this weekend?

I got back from a few days away from home last night, and I asked her to turn the lights on per usual. When she said “okay”, homegirl sounded different. At first I thought I was imagining things, but she sounds different tonight too. If someone could let me know if I haven’t officially lost my marbles, that’d be great.

Another week, another pile of black & white to wade through in lululemon’s latest upload. Also, the onesie of the year is here!

5 Faves & a Dud – 6/27/17 Upload

Favorite #1: Chase Me Onesie ($118) in black

Don’t run in this. Wear it to brunch. Wear it to and from the pool or beach. Wear it all over the place this summer, because it’s super cute. Could you work out in it? I suppose.

Yes, the internet is a divided place when it comes to one-pieces, but I’m on Team Romper. The adjustable straps and buckles on last year’s lulu onesie didn’t do it for me. Lulu hadn’t come out with one in the spring, so I ultimately looked elsewhere and ended up snagging a NWT Athleta (gasp!) Crossback Romper Shortie on eBay back in May.

Because I’ve already got my go-to black “throw it on for anything” romper for the summer, I will be passing on this one. However, for those of you who are ever in a pickle for a cute summer outfit – romper, Energy Bra, statement necklace, strappy sandals.

BOOM! You’re trendy.

Favorite #2: Energy Bra ($52) in faded zap & ice milk

Speaking of Energy Bras, OH HEY, faded zap! <3 Ooooh I want you I don’t know if I need you…

Quick, name that song! Ice milk (above right) is also a gorgeous shade. It’s got that ‘pastel but not not dusty boring pastel’ vibe to it. Katy likey.

Honorable mention goes to the Free to Be Zen Bra, also in FZ.

Favorite #3: Tight Stuff Tight II ($148) in salt alpine white black

Every time I choose a black & white print to feature in the weekly top 5, I hate myself a little bit on the inside. However, I appreciate how the pattern is aligned perpendicular to itself between panels. Must give credit where it’s due. That price tag, though.

If they could only do the perpendicular deal with some quiet or parallel stripes like the MPG Dare Capri in Core (shown below). I can’t speak to the quality, and I know they sometimes like to jack lulu’s vibe, but I like the looks of these. Just sayin’…

Favorite #4: Quick Pace Long Sleeve ($88) in black

Here we have a hard press to get me to cave on the “don’t buy any lulu until Seawheeze” wool I tried to pull over my own eyes after placing a WMTM order last week. The crossed open back is just so damn flattering with a high waisted pant. I can’t get enough of this look, and like how the mesh edge makes it seem like it’s a butterfly’s wing. (Also available in a short-sleeved option.)

Sizing on this style of shirt can be tricky. Too big and you’ll lose all shape in front. Too small, and your shoulders will be a squeeze and the rest of the shirt will fall a bit funny. If anyone tries this on in store, let us know in the comments how it fits! I want to know!

Favorite #5: Mula Bandhawear Bikini ($18) in tropicoral

Because no other item shown on the What’s New page is offered in tropicoral, and I like this color kthxbye. #skivvies

The Dud: Quick Pace Skirt ($68)

This skirt… is too damn short! Maybe it isn’t a problem for many of you out there, but the way the hem dips in the middle of the front and back, looks like the wearer hiked it up too high on the sides.

Too much ‘cheerleader uniform’ and not enough ‘cute running outfit’. Not a fan of how you can see the shorts poke out. Not working for me now, nor will it ever. Hard pass.

Miscellaneous Ramblings re: Other Items

  • Odd timing on the release of soundwave white black. It first showed up in the Fast & Free Crop II in May, and a solid 5 weeks went by before including it this week in a vast array of pieces. I like this pattern better than most B&Ws, so I am secretly hoping some of it makes it on down to WMTM.
  • In addition to the 2 bras mentioned earlier, faded zap is also showing up in the Cool Racerback II
  • The Minimal Hoodie is going to go underrated. I know it. I’m telling you, loose sleeves are a godsend for watch wearers, as opposed to the tight cuffs on Scubas.
  • Need a perfect basic white crew neck tee? Line up for a Line Up Tee. Pima cotton go go go!
  • Jaded is low key holding its own in the Align Pant & Align Crop, among others.
  • The Ebb to Street Tank made its return in recent weeks, is anyone excited about this?
  • I feel like I need to take a macrame class to learn how to tie all my tanks, based off on the knotted up vibe of the past couple months worth of stock photos.
  • Thought to myself on the 17-liter Enroute Bag II, “damn, that’s big enough to be a backpack.” Then, I clicked on the item page and saw that it converts into a backpack. You go, design team. You go.
    • Also… the item page says it’s a Men’s bag, but the photos show a female model carrying it. Better watch out to make sure any stylish men in your life don’t try to borrow it.

Trying to see how long I can hold off on the faded zap Energy Bra. Will try to convince myself that I don’t need the Quick Pace Long Sleeve.

Anyone else place an order tonight?


  1. You need the faded zap energy bra. I have two (two!!) clear mint bras in different styles, and that color looks amazing peaking out from almost any of my crbs. Faded zap is just a little softer and lighter. I have a couple pieces in FZ when it came out several years ago.

    And don’t hate me, but i kinda like the skirt. I have no need for it as i basically never wear the few pacesetters and pace rivals i own, but i think it’s cute. I don’t see hem grippers on this though, which is a total deal breaker for me.

    1. I completely agree on the FZ Energy Bra. I have it from a few years ago, as well as a FZ Free to Be (regular) that I wear all the time. I’ve worn it out really. The color pretty much matches everything. If they re-release that FZ FTB, I’m buying two!

      1. I just looked at my Amex after booking SW travel and accommodations, and I reeeeeally don’t need to be buying more lulu right now. But, FADED ZAP! Aghhh

    2. No hate for liking the skirt, I just know it won’t work on me 🙂 I’m not a skirt person, but I grabbed a black Circuit Breaker for $29 in Portland last month, and I find myself wearing it a lot!

      You are right – the hem grips on the shorts are CLUTCH. My quads wouldn’t be able to handle these skirts without them.

  2. Ahhh had to get this romper to try!! Seems like a perfect versatile piece for the summer 🙂 hopefully it works out!

    1. Fingers crossed for you, I’ve been wearing my Athleta romper a ton. It’s perfect for when you have no clue what to wear in a pinch, and don’t want to look like all you could muster together for an outfit was gym clothes… even though it’s secretly gym clothes.

      It’s great to use as a beach or pool cover-up too!

  3. Yes to faded zap! It does go with everything and it looks really good paired with a Jaded (not Aerosmith;)) bottoms:-)

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