WMTM Alert: 6/15/17 Update (Oh Hey, Nulux!)

lululemonWMTM Alert

It’s about time, lulu. It’s about damn time. Nulux on WMTM! Nulux has been one of the new fabrics that lulu’s rolled out in the last 2 years that hasn’t been a flop in quality (pilling nulu Align Pants, I’m glaring at you). Having first dropped some time in November, some of the fancier nulux designs have finally made their way into the markdown section. Hooray!

WMTM Alert – 6/15/17 Update

Nulux Options

  • Fast & Free Bra – check your local stores for this one. I found one of these in jet stream blue for only $29 in my local store last weekend, and took it for a spin for a 10 mile run on Sunday. I didn’t realize I’d like the way it’s cut to give you larger arm openings (compared to my trusty Energy Bras) so much. It felt rather freeing and awesome. Nice not to have a bra digging into your armpits. I’m a fan.
  • Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) – flux wunder under 50g multi black (aka dark scary pool water), I’ve got my eyes on you! <3
  • The iridescent multi black Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) is only available in a 12. Good thing, or else I’d have bitten. I was preoccupied with those tights for a while.

As far as formation alpine white black/black goes, it’s actually one of the better black & white prints that has happened in recent months. However, because lulu incessantly beat a dead horse with black & white patterns, this one was too little too late and now shows up heavily on WMTM this week.

Hmmm… what else?

  • A few more original Cool Racerbacks popped up today. Regal plum seems to be gonezo but there’s still pink lemonade (I wore mine today, nice color) and painted animal sprinkler black.
  • Looks like the jig is up for the Free to Be Tranquil Bra. Solid black, solid white and heathered black are now marked down. I wanted to love this one, it was simply too loose in the bottom band for me.
  • I have to admit, I wear my City Bound Hoodie tons more than I ever thought I would. I love to throw it on to wear around the house because it’s loose without being floppy, and a HUGE plus is that the sleeves are wide enough that I can comfortably wear a watch. Scubas & Swiftly do not afford that luxury without awkward bunching. If you’re a size 10, $49 is a great deal for this zip-up! Other sizes, you’re SOL.
  • The gorgeous hero blue Define Jacket is surprisingly marked down, with 4 (yes FOUR) different black & white patterns to choose from. Try not to act too surprised.
  • Surprised to see Rest Less Pullovers lolling around for only $49, I always thought they were some of the more popular styles in the winter. Size 2 only. I should have known.
  • If I could pull off a cropped tank, I’d be all over the antidote/black Mind Over Miles Crop Top.
  • The more I look at the gathered hem in back on the NTS Jacket, the more I start moving the cursor towards the ‘add to cart’ button. Don’t do it, self! Save money!


  1. I bought the F2B Tranquill on WMTM a while back in the pink/black design. I’ve found it’s generally fine for me, but the straps don’t seem to sit right. The ones coming straight over the top end up bunching out. It’s very strange, and no adjusting down of the bottom strap seems to fix it for very long. Wonder if this was a design defect or I have a really strange chest?

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