WMTM Alert: Mega Upload (200+ items!) – Updated

lululemonWMTM Alert

On the heels of the lululemon warehouse sale in Dallas this past weekend, it’s looking like We Made Too Much is getting the same dump of recent and years-old merch in odd sizes (size 2’s, get ready to have a field day).

WMTM Alert – 5/25/17 Upload

GO GO GO! I’ll be back to update with some top picks when I’m on a computer (and not a smartphone) during my lunch break. 🙂

UPDATED 12:52pm ET – Notables include…


  1. I took a look and for a moment I thought the new mash-up wunder unders were on sale already! Turned out to be another pattern cinder-something 🙂 but it drove home the problem with all these black and white patterns. As a recommendation for your top list I loved the city bound hoodie and wear it all the time – but not available in my size – but if anyone wants a structured hoodie (spacer fabric) with lots of secret pockets inside of the big pockets this is a winner. I can put keys, phone, credit cards etc all in separate places.

    1. I’m torn on the City Bound Hoodie. Lululemon gifted me one in the fall, and I’d never have picked it off the rack for myself. However, I do find myself grabbing it instead of Scubas to wear around the house more often than I ever thought I would!

  2. I think a lot of the older stuff only had a few actually available for purchase. I was on the site this morning, when they refreshed it and some stuff was gone before I could click on it. I’m guessing they had like 1 striped vinyasa for sale! But still, it was fun to see some old favorites pop up briefly.

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