WMTM Alert: 3/23/17

lululemonWMTM Alert

Two weeks in a row that WMTM has been underwhelming at best. Usually there’s a big ol’ sale online around this time of year, so I hope it’s coming soon, or maybe lulu will go the warehouse sale route once again this year. There isn’t much to scream & shout about, but in case you’ve been waiting for the following pieces to get marked down before forking over your cash, here’s the latest:

WMTM Alert – 3/23/17 Upload

  • Tidal Flow Full Bottom – no 2’s or 12’s, everyone else should be covered
  • Go With The Flow One Piece – both colors only available in size 6 #whompwhomp
  • Suns Out Bikini – no 2/12, all others in stock
  • Paddle Times Tights (!!!) – only the dark carbon ones are marked down, but $69 is a much more reasonable price than $118. Size 10 only.
  • Fast Lane Bra – because I was one of the few fans of lulu’s 50 Rep Bra of years past, I may actually take advantage of sale pricing to give this one a shot. Some of my Energy Bras are getting to be 3 years old, and the thinner straps are starting to stretch out a bit. Perhaps I need a STORE TRIP!
  • Another tank I keep on yammering about needing to try? The Swiftly Tech Racerback. Plus, cerulean/black is pretty. Don’t know what I’m waiting for.
  • I’m anti Cool Racerback II (old habits die hard), but if you’re into the new fit, polar pink isn’t a half bad color.

Really not too many new adds to WMTM to get jazzed about, but you never know when local stores put those magic purple stickers on things still going for full price online. I haven’t been in a lulu in about 2 months… it’s getting about time to scratch that itch.


Last night at the gym, my friend Oliver said he wanted bacon & pancakes for dinner. This little ditty has been going through my head for the last 12 hours. It’s your turn for the earworm.


  1. They seriously need to dump some of the WMTM stock. Some of the stuff has been on there for months and months. I bought the Go For It Dress off of WMTM last summer for about $10 more than it’s listed right now. Talk about playing the long game!

    I’m considering some swim bottoms, but I know they are much cheaper at the outlet. Might be time to make a trip and take a look.

    1. AGREE! Some of it has been hanging around forever and ever. Back in the day, WMTM used to be 30-40 items, tops. Now, it seems like 80+ items is the norm. So many similar items, too. I wish they’d go back to making more colorful, fun and distinctive gear.

      2017 lulu seems like night and day vs 2013 lulu. 2017 is dark dark dark and 2013 was the bright happy daytime. >.<

  2. My store has had better markdowns than online lately, which is not always the case. I could not resist $29 Circuit Breaker skirts last week. 😁

  3. My stores used to have great sales but now $52 power y’s are stuck at $44 as are speed shorts, energy bras etc. wunder under pants marked down to 79 or 89 from 98??? Agree the WMTM has stale merchandise at least they seem to have sold the last grapefruit speed short – i think that was holding the record.

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