5 Faves & a Dud: 1/17/17 Upload


Germs, germs, go away… come again anoth— NEVER. Everyone and their mother is seemingly sick lately, and I woke up the morning I had to fly to CO with a sore throat. Fail and a half. Airborne, hydration and sleep for this girl! Mountain air is fresh, but mountain air is thin. I’m too afraid to go to Aspen CrossFit, seeing that the hotel treadmill had its way with me a couple days ago. I am not proud.

Last night was a little busy, but I managed to dogear a few favorites out of this week’s upload while waiting on the rest of my work crew for dinner. No purchases, given the expensive fun I had at lululemon last week. Have to draw the line somewhere.

5 Faves & a Dud – 1/17/17 Upload

Favorite #1: Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise ($98) in teeny check black cerulean blue

I know this is a common reaction out of me, but I must again invoke the emoji with hearts for eyes. The colourway name is a bit deceiving, because I see a bit of a darkest magenta worked in there. Almost like looking REALLY CLOSE at an old box television (minus the green & white). From far away, it looks brighter than it really is.

I legitimately just did the ‘hold the laptop up to your face’ thing to double check myself on the colors.

I know I’m not the only one who did that as a young girl. As for the pants? Fun subtle colors, fit that’s flattering as hell.

A quick throwback to 1990:

Mom: Don’t sit too close to the television.

Me: *presses face against screen as soon as Mom leaves the room*

Favorite #2: Speed Short ($58) in darkest magenta

Sometimes you don’t need a zillion words to describe something amazing, so let’s just leave it at this: perfection.

Favorite #3: Pick Up the Pace Long Sleeve ($108) in darkest magenta

This is the type of color that all the drugstore makeup palettes claim is wonderful to make my green eyes pop. In the name of taking life advice from drugstore makeup palettes, I’m going to say OH HI I could really use this top in my wardrobe.

Favorite #4: Hot Like Agni Crop ($98) in black

Don’t cha wish your crops were hot like Agni? Don’t cha wish your ass looked flawless like Agni? DON’T CHA…

Just kidding. These crops are way too conservative to ever be seen on a Pussycat Doll. Seem to be cut identically as the WUC, but priced higher due to the fabric. Speaking of, I’m a fan of the angles on the fabric – they’re the reason these crops made tonight’s list. If this fabric ever makes its way to a Hi-Rise WUP or High Times Pant, they’re M-I-N-E, mine.

Favorite #5: Free to Be Bra ($48) in filtered orange

Whoa, curveball! I was going to pick the Energy Bra in classic navy, but there’s something so delightfully orange sherbet about this color that caught my eye. Perhaps because I just finished dinner as I’m writing this post, and now have a little bit of dessert brain going on. Yes, that. Dessert brain is a thing. Didn’t you know?

The Dud: Hot Like Agni Bra ($58)

I can’t help it. The back reminds me of the same shape as ladies’ underwear. You know, the shape it makes as you’re about to step in each morning. I cannot unsee, and now neither can you.

Other Notables & Notsomuch

  • The Hot Like Agni capsule (mostly) makes its presence known with an edgy yet subtle angled pattern on its fabrics. Options include:
    • Hot Like Agni Singlet – honestly, this looks like all the other heathered racer & split back tanks that have been released in the past year. They all look the same to me.
    • Hot Like Agni Pant – the pant differs from the crop in that (surprise, surprise) there’s mesh cutouts on the legs. No cutouts on the crop.
    • You already know my opinions on the Bra & Crop
    • Lastly, there’s a Hot Like Agni Jogger… which upon further investigation is STRANGE. The fabric is all mesh, and there is a built-in boyshort liner to help hide your lady bits from the general public due to the fact that you’re wearing mesh pants.
  • The other capsule of the week is Simply Bare, which is ironic because clothes are meant to prevent you from being simply bare.
    • The Simply Bare Tank almost made the top 5, but the lack of built-in bra took it off the radar. A fun neckline is fun until there is absolutely no bra in your arsenal that can hide underneath it.
    • The Simply Bare Tight seems as though it’s an Align Pant trying to edge and tech it up, but it doesn’t look quite right. Does anyone else also notice that the rise looks like it’s a little higher than high?
    • Wouldn’t it be nice to be fit/confident enough to run around in the Simply Bare Bra all summer long?
    • Simply Bare Short… you can’t just throw a front seam on the leg of the Wunder Shorts and call it new. Just sayin’.
  • As a Syracuse alum, I feel like maybe I should be paying more attention to the astro blue/filtered orange Free to Be Zen Bra.
  • Fans of darkest magenta, you’ve got OPTIONS. In addition to the Speed Shorts & Pick Up the Pace LS:

As far as this post goes… in the words of Looney Tunes – that’s all, folks!!


  1. Loving the darkest magenta speeds. I’m on a spending ban until feb (just enacted it a couple days ago, have some furniture debt to pay down!), but want to give these a whirl then.

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