WMTM Alert: Blooming Pixies!

WMTM Alert

Posting from the phone today so pardon the shortness:


  1. Please review your strive speeds when you get them!!! Went to lulu today for them and before I share an opinion, I want to hear yours !!! :–D Should be noted that it’s the first time in months I’ve gone to lulu with anticipation for a particular item…

  2. Nothing for me. I ordered the wunder under pants in the alberta lake/fresh teal space dye last week for $79, and of course they’re now $59. πŸ™

    Side note, has anyone seen a heathered lush coral swiftly tank or long sleeve in store in a 10 or 12? I ordered the tank from WMTM but lulu canceled my order, and I must have this color! It’s too beautiful. Thanks!

    1. Reach out to GEC. I purchased some on WMTM and it dropped by $20 and they issued me a gift card for the difference. Doesn’t hurt to try!

  3. I finally got my wmtm crb i’s! Navy blue was luxtreme and went back. Fatigue green, aquamarine and peacock blue are all light luon. The peacock blue is super pretty in person! Bluer than Bali breeze but still has some turquoise hints. I’ve always mwanted an aquamarine crb so am stoked to have snagged this

  4. I was at the outlet this evening and they had a bunch of luxtreme CRBs in colors I haven’t seen on the website before- heathered red, a pale silvery grey, a purple/navy mix and a darker grey. They all had stripes of silverescent running through them as well. Maybe it was something they tried out and decided against? They were dumping them for $9 each. I bought the red one since it was pretty and something different.

    They also had a bunch of herringbone WUP from last year. They were regular rise and I was surprised to see them marked down to $49, since I know some people would pay full price for them!

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