5 Faves & a Dud: Blue on Black

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Not sure if it was a day early thanks to Cyber Monday, or if lulu is pushing upload to Monday nights for the holiday season, but I’m technically a day ‘late’ if you want to split hairs. If you want to be like me, eat a burrito bowl on Taco Tuesday and get ready for the apocalypse to come.

For those who celebrate, how was your Thanksgiving weekend? I fully adhered to the typically American stereotype in the fact that I:

  1. Ate all the food (Stuffing, Cheddar Cheese & Cranberry Sauce on an English Muffin. Try it.)
  2. Spent all the money (OMG boots. All the boots. Sorel x3 +Hunters)
  3. Did not work out. At all. (Netflix! Gilmore Girls!)

Now before someone goes “Squeee! You watch Gilmore Girls too?”, let it be known that I tried to finish it out in a day and watch the 4th installment Saturday night after a bout of hibachi-fueled gluttony. In my food coma, I fell asleep shortly after its start, so PLEASE NO SPOILERS in the comments section! Thank you 🙂

SO, as far as lululemon goes, I broke the November drought by ordering the Shakti Sherpa Snood and Shakti Sherpa Mittens. LOVE ’em both. Will have to do a write-up on them soon. At risk of sounding super basic (who am I kidding I write a lulu blog), I’ll go on record saying they’re cozy AF.

I braved lululemon on Friday morning. Black Friday hack: All the crazy people are in bed by 7am. All the lazy people don’t leave the house until 11am. Head out around 8:30a and hit that sweet spot!

Let’s get a move on with this week’s new stuff. I can’t help but wonder if some of these odd prints lately were Seawheeze 2016 rejects. The busy yet muted patterns remind me of the special edition shorts from SW2016 a little bit too much.

5 Faves & a Dud – 11/28/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise (Nulux) ($98) in plume white black

These pants. Felt like BUTTER when I tried on the iridescent multi black last week. But, because of the black ink on gray fabric deal when you bend over, I didn’t take a pair home.

If lululemon comes out with plain black nulux hi-rise WUPs, I will be the first in line to snap up a pair. Go on and judge my sweet lumberjack socks, I dare you 😀

Favorite #2: Rest Less Pullover ($88) in heathered black

I’ve got ski bunny brain. Blame it on my upcoming Aspen adventure and the SNOOD! (Speaking of, it came in the mail on Saturday and that thing is AWESOME.) It’s as if an ugly Christmas sweater -that actually isn’t ugly at all- and a Swiftly LS procreated.

As for some useful commentary, if you’re thinking about buying this top and wondering why it’s priced higher than a Swiftly, the Rest Less Pullover in past years has always been a thicker weave (thus slightly warmer), making it land a little higher on the price scale.

Favorite #3: Outrun 17″ Crop ($98) in cerulean blue

While these are on the pricey side as far as crops go, ROYAL BLUE IS SUPER FLATTERING. I’d buy these in a second if I didn’t already have a pair of royal blue crops so old that even I don’t know the name of them. They look like this, but 100% bright blue. Found them at the Orlando outlet in 2013, meaning the design is OLD SCHOOL.

Long story short, I get compliments on those crops any time I wear them because the color is kickass. If I wasn’t just a FOMO-fueled boot-buying fiend this past weekend, maybe I’d order these. But then I look at the new Hunter boots I wore today and think maybe the crops can wait.

Favorite #4: Secret Sock ($14) in black/capri/surge

Lululemon socks where the final frontier for me, and I grabbed 2 pairs to try on sale this past Friday in store. I HAVE BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK. The stupid mini socks you get at TJ Maxx have a 31% of not slipping down your heel while you’re walking across the parking lot into the office. I put a pair of these on with my Vans slip-ons and wore them for 12 hours straight on Saturday afternoon… and they didn’t budge. Win win win.

Favorite #5: Speed Short ($58) in nocturnal teal

Solid color. Jewel tone. Immune to burpee dirt. All the ingredients for a winning pair o’ shorts in my book!

The Dud: Fast and Free 7/8 Tight ($128) in mini sweatr multi black

From far away, I’m not sure what’s going on with the pattern. Up close, it reminds me of an overcrowded koi pond. While they win points for being Nulux, the pattern is falling short for me.

See what I mean? I’m not losing my mind. Or am I? Also, this is the print that I was referring to (along with dazzle wunder under 50g alpine white black) in my intro that reminded me a bit much of castoffs from the Seawheeze 2016 pattern selection.

Other Fun Stuff

  • These Sorel Caribous that I scored for $85 over the weekend. Am I prancing around the house in them right now? Maybe. By maybe, I mean YUP.
  • My brain’s jury is still out on the new fairisle multi black pattern. If you’re sold on it, you’ve got the following available to take your pick from:
  • Mind trickery alert: so many blue on black variations this week! The Outrun 17″ Crop is in iced wave capri black/black
  •  Not to be confused with…shatter weave desert teal alberta lake Deep Breath Crop, which kind of looks like it’s from the Matrix, but in blue. I say this without actually having ever seen that movie. My cinematic knowledge is next to nil.
  • Speaking of that pattern… also exists in the Sculpt Tank II and the Run Times Short
  • Ooooh, I missed it on my first pass, but I really like the Fast Lane Bra in cerulean blue too.
  • For more holiday vibes as you sweat it out, try the Rest Less 1/4 Zip if you’re not into ruining your hair every time you pull your shirt on or off.
  • In case it gets too cold outside to head to the grocery store in your Jet Pants, grab the Fresh Tracks Pant for a fleecier version of your ‘loose, comfy, and forgiving during Christmas cookie season’ pants.
  • Also, SO MUCH FLAT GRAY. Dark carbon is what they’re calling it these days. Options galore. Really.
  • If you want textured gray (less likely to show fuzz), the Wander Jacket is in heathered slate.
  • Scored me a Ready for Rulu Turtleneck on sale this weekend! It’s on the slimmer side. If you’re looking for a looser turtleneck for the winter that isn’t a full-on slouch, check out the Hill and Valley Turtleneck. You may find a cozy new friend.
  • I don’t know why I didn’t include the running luon spray jacquard capri black Vinyasa Scarf in my top 5. I’m too far down the rabbit hole to change it now, so I’m just going to emphasize the text to let you know how much I really like this scarf.

Heathered carbon. Battleship. Heathered Slate. Heathered speckled black. Heathered black. Heathered pitch grey. Heathered dark carbon/heathered medium grey. Heathered space dyed medium grey.


To close out this fiesta tonight talking about all the black on blue on black on blue, I present to you, Mr. Kenny Wayne Shepherd.


  1. I would love for you to do a write up of the SNOOD!! I could really use this piece for winter time bus pick up but can’t stomach the price tag! Can you convince me otherwise??

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