5 Faves & a Dud: SNOOD!

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I’m about to date myself here, but who else remembers the computer game Snood? Before Youtube, before Facebook, before le Twitter machine, Instagram and Snapchat all existed, we college kids of the early 00’s had to put off writing term papers somehow. The concept of Snood was simple. Shoot aliens at matching aliens. It was fun. It was 2003.


There were only 10 levels unless you paid $10 to register your free copy. The first and only thing I ever used my M&T Bank debit card for in college was to pay $10 to register my copy of Snood. I was (and still am) the only person I have ever known to pay $10 for Snood.

This is all relevant because my top pick for this week is called a SNOOD.

Last week, I had next to no enthusiasm for upload. This week, there are a few bright spots, and even a thing or two I want to break the November dry spell on!

5 Faves & a Dud – 11/23/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Shakti Sherpa Snood ($88) in black

The top pick is NOT just because the word ‘snood’ makes me giggle. It’s because this is a solution to a problem I’ve had during the winter months for years. One of my favorite dress coats in the winter is black, and has no hood. Finally, a piece to help me change that for when that evil white stuff begins to fall from the sky (like it did all day yesterday).

Come to think of it, this would be great with vests and on airplanes too. Roll that hood underneath and WHAMMO, a little bit o’ neck support.

For the first time in a month, am I ordering something from lululemon? (*gasp*)

Favorite #2: Scuba Hoodie IV ($118) in white

Ever since WWL went kaput, updates on core pieces sometimes sneak up on us. Recently, the Scuba Hoodie dropped in its 4th incarnation. For the second week in a row, one has caught my eye. White. Plain, stark, beautiful white.

However, unless you’re a fresh-faced beauty who never wears makeup, stay away. It’s going to rub against your chin, your makeup is going to come off on the hoodie, and then you’re going to cry about it.

If that happens, your friends and family will inevitably judge you for crying over a sweatshirt. Do you want to be known as that girl who can’t keep her wits about her over a sweatshirt? No. If you buy this one, wear it carefully. This is why I hardly wear my special edition black & white Vinyasa Scarf from lulu’s 2015 Black Friday release. I’m scared for it.

Favorite #3: Free to Be Tranquil Bra ($52) in wee are from space deep coal battleship

Classic lulu pattern. I know I’ve been featuring this bra a lot. This time, what does it for me how the stripes in the pattern mix with the angles of the straps. It’s just so freakin’ COOL. (Eloquent I am not this evening.)

Favorite #4: Sweat and Savasana Sweater ($148) in heathered inkwell

The only thing I don’t like about this sweater is about is the price tag. I don’t own any slouchy turtlenecks, but maybe I should. It’s great for making your mind up for you when you aren’t quite sure which scarf should go with your outfit.

Kind of like how you can just wear a dress when choosing a shirt and pants is just too difficult in the morning, amirite?

Favorite #5: Fit Physique Pant ($108) in black

They have pockets. The rise is high enough that a bunchy drop crotch may not be an issue. A somewhat straight leg means they will gather nicely at the ankle. Ready, set… ERRAND PANTS!

Looks like you may also be able to throw these on over your gym clothes after a winter sweat session. I’d be game for these, but the fact of the matter is that I have a pair of loose fitting Nike pants that I’ve had since 2008, and are still going strong. Actually wearing them right now, layered over some of my Seawheeze crops.

“But Katy” you ask, “aren’t you indoors? Or are you blogging from an igloo?”

I’m inside, yes I am. I’m just too cheap to crank the heat past 62 degrees. No plants, pets, children or boyfriends around to complain about it, so I just layer up and do what I want.

The Dud: No Chill Short Sleeve ($78) in black

I’m having trouble keeping any chill about a $78 short sleever made out of merino wool. It’s like a post I saw on Insta earlier today of a girl overlooking the mountains from a deck in shorts, a tank top and a thick knit winter pom-pom hat.

It wasn’t Ugg Boot & Bikini irony, she was serious. It was weird. While the girl modeling this top in blue does it more justice, the black one just doesn’t look right. Probably should have sized down before styling the black one. Looks boxy. Do you know what else I could buy with the cost of this sweater (plus tax)?


Other Stuff the DTWS Finale is Distracting Me From

  • Hero blue is enjoying some time on the forefront, try it with a Define Jacket.
  • While it looks to be more for cozy purposes and not so much for protection from the elements, I’m liking the higher neck on the Going Places Vest.
  • I’m still confused by the Jet Pant. I have a pair of the Jet CROPS, and the length looks the same on both. Do I have the patience to do a side-by-side to get to the bottom of this? Nope.
  • I like purple pants. I wore purple pants to work today. Do you want to wear purple pants to work too? Try the black cherry City Trek Trouser *Ponte.
  • The curved seams and the down pour electric coral black/black pattern on the Pace Rival Crops just work.
  • Muscle Love Crop Tank. IT IS NOT THE SEASON FOR THIS. At least, not in Connecticut. Snowed all day yesterday. I swear, Sorel boots are the only reason I like the white stuff lately.
  • Wee are from space deep coal battleship almost makes me want to lift my CRB II boycott. Almost.
  • Electric coral makes me happy. If the Power Y Tank makes you happy, then try them together for optimum happiness levels.
  • From far away, the shatter weave dust coral plum/black Tracker Shorts caught my eye. Then I zoomed in. Meh.
  • Who is buying the Hotty Hot Long and the Hotty Hot Shorts? A bit too breezy for me, but they’ve got to be doing well for lulu to keep cranking them out, right?
  • Drop the Spring, and what do you get? Breakaway Shorts!
  • The next few ‘sherpa-themed’ items are catching my attention, because I’ve got my January Aspen trip on the brain!

Time to go watch the rest of the sequined explosion on my screen and see who takes home the mirrorball! I know that everyone and their Mom wants Laurie Hernandez to win, but thanks to my racing experience at work, I’m pulling for Hinch!

Between the Snood game and the fact that I’m watching Dancing With the Stars, I am painting quite the detailed picture of how COOL I am. So, I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.


  1. The Hotty Hot Long shorts have been amazing. I’m 5’8.5″ with a 33.5″ inseam and I have found them to work quite well. Not loving the no chill short sleeve. I can’t wait to see what they will release for Black Friday this year.

  2. If you mean the striped black and white vinyasa with the gold zipper I am wearing right now 😊 it’s my favourite vinyasa and washes really well.

  3. god i love snood. i have never commented before, but i love your blog, and i love snood enough to comment for the first time just to let you know that i love it too. a guy at my college was one of those computer people that can “make things happen” and he would type in a magic code and register your copy of snood for you in exchange for a drink (drinks were less than $10 back then, so it was a deal).

    1. Some guy on my freshman dorm floor also made that thing happen (as it were), so we have many, many levels of Snood.

  4. I’m obsessed with hotty hot shorts. That said, after getting burned twice I’m waiting for the military green to hit WMTM before I purchase (even my R&D can’t justify these prices). I wear them for powerlifting, crossfit, sleeping, and every day in the summer if possible. Speeds don’t fit my rear or thighs, so hotty hots to the rescue.

  5. I’m also obsessed with the hotty hot shorts. @sam Buy the green ones now! I’m still mad I missed out on the blue ones. Probably going to buy them in grey. Best shorts for short girls and no chafing issue that I experienced with speeds.

  6. I LOVE Hotty Hot shorts too. I find them to be a little bit shorted than the Speeds in the back, and I like that. But, I am short. You are tall. Who knows! Give them a try though! 🙂

  7. I don’t own any Hotty Hots yet, but an associate recommended the long version to me as an alternative to Trackers and Run Times. I’m 5’9 and they seemed about on par, but I went for the WMTM-priced Run Times at that visit. Maybe next year.

  8. I’m interested in the fit physique pant too. I’ve been buying lulu for 5ish years, and have yet to buy a rulu item (I know, crazy, but I live in FL). I definitely don’t need these for the weather here, but the idea of a non-sweatpant looking pair of pants that are super crazy soft is attractive. I may be pony-ing up the cash soon, we’ll see.

  9. I kind of like the Snood too, but oy, the price tag!! I live in a warm climate, so I can’t justify it. I’ll wait and see if it goes to WMTM or maybe the outlet.

    The wool short sleeve is ridiculous!!! If you need the warmth, why would you want your arms exposed all the way?!? It seems like they should’ve at least made it 7/8 length, at the very minimum, for it to be useful!

  10. another hotty hot short lover! i slightly prefer the longs but since im so short, i can also pull of the regular. theyre just so comfy- ive worn them to bootcamp, hot yoga and casually. so in love. 🙂

    i wish i lived somewhere cold enough to justify the snood. 😀 lulu winter for me means stocking up on stuff i can wear for warmer weather (10 months out of 12, where i live)…. on markdown! 🙂

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