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First off, I’d like to thank everyone who left so much positive feedback on my latest post, Redefining the Box. I originally started L&TB because I had already blogged my way down an extremely narrow rabbit hole once, and wanted a creative outlet that allowed myself a little bit more freedom to have some silly fun.

While leisurely shopping trips are always fun, eventually the thrill wears off and it’s important to focus on appreciating what you DO have. It’s also a lot more cost-effective.

Therefore, welcome to the first post of my “Out of the Box” series, where I take lululemon from the past and present and style it into right now. Onward!

Out of the Box: lululemon Everyday Pant

lululemon everyday pant in black // fall 2014

Back in 2014, I realized something. Ninety-plus degree heat and humidity is NOT the ideal environment to wear pants in. However, due to my job’s safety requirements – I still had to wear pants on pit road of any NASCAR track I went to. You know, hazmat & whatnot.

Right before heading to the final race in Homestead, I was shopping at lululemon with my Mom and hit the jackpot with the sale rack. HI HO WHAT IS THIS. Lululemon skinny jeans? Originally retailing for $128 a pop, I found both the black and inkwell Everyday Pant in my size for (I think) $79 a pair. All other sizes had sold out, so they were trying to move the 10’s. Sometimes being a ‘fringe’ size pays off.

sweater: lululemon cabin yogi ls // shoes: vans asher

Made of technical fabric with little bit of stretch, I’d found something that satisfied both my need for breathability, without sacrificing the tailored look of ‘real’ pants. Usually parents are supposed to talk you off the ledge of impulse purchases, but this time my Mom backed me up in my justification that I ‘needed’ both pairs, because work clothes.


The Everyday Pant is tailored just like a typical pair of jeans, right down to the coin pocket, studs and belt loops.


Nobody ever believes when I tell them that these pants are from lululemon until they see the omega on the zipper pull. Before you ask, let me pause and let you know that these are NOT jeggings. They’re Warpstreme, which is what the tailored men’s pants are made of.


As far as fun details go, the design team threw in a few reflective details just for kicks. On the inside of each leg, a reflective stripe will reveal itself when you cuff them, and there’s a reflective pocket square. On the back side. On one cheek. Only one.

Not *entirely* sure of its purpose, but I don’t mind it. You can tuck it in easily and it goes unnoticed (as pictured above). I tend do do that so people don’t constantly stop to tell me that the paper is going to fall out of my back pocket.



IMHO, the &Go collections by lululemon are underrated and go unappreciated by most shoppers. However, I can wear these pants to work, to dinner, to run errands, all over the place. They get way more traction than the latest striped colourway of Wunder Unders. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some crazy pants – but it’s all about balance.

The 2 pairs I own have held up well, because the fabric isn’t of the pilling variety. Warpstreme has limited stretch, so if you do find a pair… be honest with yourself, the measuring tape and the size chart. If you normally go between 2 sizes, err UP. (Side note: the black ones fit slightly more snugly than the inkwell ones in the same size.)


Can I still get my hands on these?

As of this writing, I was only able to find one listing online for the Everyday Pant:

Lululemon Everyday Pant on Tradesy – Black, Size 2 // $59 (includes fees & shipping)

If you want the shoes, though, they’re on sale. The Vans Asher Slip-On is currently going online for $29.97, which is a pretty decent price. Not going to lie, I found mine at DSW for $14.98.

I am hitting writers’ block on how to close out this post with something witty. So, let’s just end it with the fact that I baked a loaf of beer bread this afternoon, and have already had 3 hefty slices. Once I close my macbook, I’ll admit #4 is going to be down the hatch in the incredibly near future.

Mmmmm, carbs. 🙂


  1. You are my favorite person on the internet. Your writing style feels like you’re talking to a friend who gets you. Thanks for being awesome!

  2. Er my gawd I’ve been looking for a pair of pants just like these to wear to work. Thank you for your post– I just bought that pair on tradesy! Hopefully they fit! 🙂 love the new direction of your blog!

  3. Your blog makes me so happy. Whenever you post it makes my day so much better! I also love these new types of posts. Also, more Crossfit posts please! 🙂 But no problem if you’re too busy to post about Crossfit. I’m just a LuluLemon-deprived person who has been in the LuluLemon-deprived country of Malaysia for the past three months and likes to read about other LuluLemon-obsessed Americans, as there are certainly not a lot of them here lol 😉 Thanks for being awesome!

  4. I’m so excited with your newfound direction. The timing is perfect – money is officially tight now that my husband was made redundant this week. I’m looking forward to more posts like this 🙂

  5. I got the Daytrip Boyfriend pant for the exact same reason. I needed real pants but hate real pants. They even came in a really muted camo and I’m in love with them. I’m always on the looking for them in another color. I wish I would have grabbed more when they made it to WMTM. I also paid 79.00.

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