Redefining the ‘Box’

Lululemon isn’t just for sweat sessions. Read on.

I’ve always found the word ‘box’ to be an amusing term. True story: Almost 10 years ago, my dear friend Sasha and I were talking about our plans to hit the bars on any given Thursday night in college, and we concluded that ‘box’ was indeed a comical word. So, what did this mean past our conversation’s end?

Clearly, it meant that we needed to bring a cardboard box with us to Long Island Iced Tea night at Faegan’s. So, I strolled home from Starbucks and rummaged through the Bat Cave (aka my apartment) for a prime corrugated candidate. I spotted my roommate’s matzoh on the top of the fridge, and noticed that it was reasonably sized and wrapped in paper, so that there was a pristine label-free box underneath.

The matzoh was almost gone, and my easygoing roommate Amanda thought that although I must have lost my mind for wanting her matzoh box, if Katy wants this box then sure, why not… take said box.

So I did. That night, Sasha and I grabbed a handful of writing implements and headed out into the frigid tundra to snag ourselves a few adult beverages and ask anyone we encountered (friend, foe or complete stranger) to sign the box. Here is that box, almost 10 years later:

While I’m sure you all found that to be an incredibly funny story (not), the real reason for writing this post is to share how I’ve been doing a bit of self-reflection as far as blog content goes lately.

Stuck in the Box

Let’s declare the obvious: lululemon is pricey, even for people who take home what’s considered a healthy salary. Going into 2016, I looked at my Amex summary from the previous year and thought WOW, you do not need to be spending this much $$$ on workout clothing. ‘Twas borderline obscene.

I thought to myself, “hey Spendy, why not dial it back and redirect the funds to something a bit more meaningful, like travel.” Get out and cross another national park off your bucket list, cross an international border, maybe. So I did.

I took a solo adventure out to Moab and saw Arches National Park. I hopped on a plane to Vancouver and ran my first Seawheeze. I went along with the family to see my young nieces’ first trip to Disney World. Fourth of July Weekend in Chicago. Two more Utah national parks on the way home from Seawheeze. All of that costs money. Money that I wasn’t spending as often on lululemon.


Naturally, what happens? Fewer online orders. Fewer store trips (because I know myself well enough to know it’s rare to go in and walk out empty-handed). Believe it or not, though, that is now something I do. With less new lulu to play with and less time in the fitting room, there has been less fuel for blog content.

However, it’s still every damn day that I’m in some sort of lululemon. It dawned on me at some point last week that the ways I wear lululemon are not always in an expected fashion; often times one may consider my personal style just a tad ‘out of the box’.

What Does This Mean for Lulu & the Box?

  • 5 Faves & a Dud isn’t going anywhere.
  • WMTM Alerts will continue as long as lulu gets its excessive inventory under control (so I can mentally keep track of it all) and work isn’t cutting into lunch time on Thursdays (so I can actually write the posts on time).
  • What you will see is an increased focus on how you can wear lululemon outside of the conventional ‘box’ (ie CrossFit, yoga, barre, etc). Work, a wedding, a rock concert? Yes, I’ve worn lulu to all of those events, and not just leggings.

I’m not abandoning lululemon by a long shot. I’ve got far too much lulu in my closet. As a result of my becoming more choosy with new purchases, I’ve been getting more creative with pieces I’ve already purchased over the past 3 years. Last night, my Mom said to me, “every time I see you you’re in an entirely new outfit.”

I was wearing the Tranquil Tight from this spring, the Under Wraps Pullover from February, a Fluffed Up Vest purchased in 2014 and a pair of Uggs that I’ve had since 2009. But… she thought the outfit looked new.

Lululemon’s meant to last for years. So, why exclusively focus on the flavor of the week?

My hope is that better incorporating lululemon gear that may be 1-2 seasons old into current looks can demonstrate the staying power of certain pieces, and will help us all make more careful (and less impulsive) decisions on buying new lulu in the future.

I’ve been selling off a handful of impulse buys on Poshmark in recent months. Certain items that I got a twitchy trigger finger on, that I just HAD TO HAVE? Sold, done, gonezo. On to a more enthusiastic home.

While I’d gotten *some* use out of the items I’ve let go, I did NOT get my money’s worth. Other pieces I can’t wait to wear the minute they come out of the laundry. Those are the kinds of pieces I want to stock my closet with. The dresses, skirts and vests and scarves that I can’t wait for winter so that I can wear them again.

Lululemon’s got versatility and staying power, and it’s about time someone showed it. Onward with showing how pieces from last week, last year and 2013 can be combined with the latest to give you a kickass outfit NOW.


  1. Love it! Lulu is 90% of my wardrobe and that includes work (granted half of my work time is also spent in scrubs!). I’ve been scaling WAY back since the price jumps and lacklustre uploads. After years of impulse purchases, it feels good to let go a bit. But I love my collection and LOVE the pieces I actually buy now (um aligns…I may never take them off). I still think lulu fits my lifestyle so well. I hope they turn it around soon…

    I like the direction you’re going to take as I’ve missed reading your posts given that lulu isn’t giving you much to work with! I’d love more crossfit posts too!
    Thanks for the awesome work!!

    1. Sounds like we are completely on the same wavelength! Just because most new lulu isn’t blowing my skirt up doesn’t mean that they don’t still upload *some* things I like, and also it certainly doesn’t make me like the lulu I already do own any less.

      I really appreciate your positive feedback, so thank YOU! 🙂

  2. Yay Katy!! Look forward to all your posts and to the continuation of your upbeat, off-the-wall anecdotes which never fail to brighten my day 🙂

  3. Hi Katy 😊 very exciting turn of events! I look forward to the new directions for your blog and “thinking outside the box” 😁 peace!

  4. Looking forward to these wardrobe posts – I have a ton of lulu but work in a business casual environment so ideas of how to incorporate it would be great! Also happy that 5 favs and a dud is continuing. I follow a bunch of lulu blogs but your upload posts are my favourite.

  5. I like your direction too! I did an inventory (gulp) recently of all my lulu – mostly because I wondered if all my comments of not liking the merchandise synced up with my buying pattern. Guilty – I have bought a lot this year I noticed a pattern – stocking up on key black and white pieces and then tons of bright colors and a love affair with a few patterns. Now that I see all that I have I’ve paired back by selling on ebay (tell me more about poshmark please!) and am looking forward to seeing you combine lulu wardrobe past and present. Very happy on 5 favs and a dud as well

    1. Hi Sarah! Along the lines of your inventory, I’m such a spreadsheet dweeb. I have an Excel sheet tracking my lululemon expenditure per month dating back to mid-2014. Seeing what I was spending and averaging it out per month really made me realize how much the retail rush was racking up in costs!

      Just the other day, I took a look and I have spent $1700 less on lulu this year compared to 2015 through November, plus I’ve made $450+ back by selling less-worn items.

      While I still do buy new lulu here and there, it’s definitely not at the rate that I used to. Vacations are way more fun!

  6. I was in Chicago last month and actually walked out of a lulu store with nothing. Lol I was shocked ,more so that nothing worth having was woth spending a ton of money they were charging . I love lulu and I am loyal to a fault. My favorite day of the week used to be upload Tuesday , but lately, my passion for that is waining. 96percent of my entire wardrobe is full of lulu. I am a personal trainer/ gym manager so I work, play, socialize , live in workout clothes. Lulu has always been my go to , and even when I need to attend an event away from gym , trust me , I’m wearing something Lululemon. I loooooooove Align pants, especially with my hunter boots or Uggs. I am excited to see where you take us in2017 Katy.

    1. Hi Michelle! I certainly love the lulu I *do* own, but once I find my favorites, there is less and less open space in the rotation for new favorites.

      You said the magic word = ‘boots’. While I don’t own any Hunters, I’m a Sorel fiend and will likely be featuring them in future posts! 🙂

  7. Talking about new releases is fun but I really love to see how people use their lulu and other athletic/athleisure. Looking forward to new posts!

  8. yay I love this! I’m always looking for ways to wear my lulu outside of the gym. Plus, it’s fun to see older pieces that I might need to hunt down! 🙂 you’re 100% correct that these items last for years and I hate it when I only see brand new pieces paired with other brand new pieces. Looking forward to this 🙂

    1. New on new on new means $$$ on $$$ on $$$! I’m so happy to hear others feel the same way I do, and are embracing the idea of mixing in old pieces, instead of judging someone for not having new goodies weekly 🙂

  9. Yay! I’m getting so tired of the “so what’s everyone getting this week?” posts because A) buying new lulu every week is just unhealthy and B) my 22 year old post-grad booty couldn’t afford a weekly purchase anyway.
    I would also love to hear more crossfit and personal (not, like, creepy personal) content. I get the feeling you think we don’t like when you talk about yourself but we do! Your job, your travels, your hobbies – you’re an interesting person outside of your clothes too 🙂

    1. Hi Sam! I will admit that sometimes I’m hesitant to stray too far off the lulu topic, lest I be called out for ‘not focusing on lulu’ or becoming ‘another generic lifestyle blog’.

      Then I realize that this is my little corner of the internet and I can do whatever I damn well please with it! I will definitely keep your feedback in mind to help remind myself that it’s okay to be ME! 🙂

  10. Love it. I’m on the same boat as you…plus LLL is boring as hell right now so I’m glad you’ve found something to write about.

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