MONDAY Upload & a $25 Gift Card Offer!

The world is already ending and Election Day polls haven’t even opened yet. Why, you ask? Because it has nothing to do with the Oval Office’s impending new tenant and everything to do with lululemon’s running a very uncharacteristic promotion. 

Lulu pulled the trigger on upload a day early, and in the app there’s a banner below encouraging use of Apple Pay… to the tune of offering a $25 gift card to those who spend $150 using the service!

(Side note: 5 Faves & a Dud will still post tomorrow)

This is a definite new thing for lulu. They NEVER do offers like this. Apple Pay for the Holiday will run from 11/7-11/21.

For those of you unfamiliar with Apple Pay, I just used it today at Trader Joe’s and it was great. Seeing that my Amex is linked to Apple Pay, using AP is the exact same as shopping with said Amex directly. 

So, you know, buy some pants plus a tank and get some free $$$ to spend on more stuff!

MORE INFO: All the details of Apple Pay for the Holiday can be found on


  1. Only in America do people complain about the state of affairs of the country while comparing it to the end of the world…. but hey, buy some overpriced crap you don’t need! Things must be real good there if people are willing to spend money on expensive workout gear. America needs a wake up call, that’s for sure.


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