5 Faves & a Dud: 11/7/16 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Can’t help it, I’m fixed to the TV like anyone else in America right now. Politics… Gym clothes. Politics? Workout wear. I didn’t realize that Election Night was a commonly-recognized occasion to drink in front of the television. That, or only the people in my news and IG feed are thirsty and sociopolitically aware. Whatever, I’ve got a glass of sauvignon blanc in front of me.

img_0769After 10 days in Alabama on business, I went back to CrossFit tonight. There, I was able to hit a 10min EMOM of 2 snatches/min at 100lbs with no misses, which is a considerable weight for me. Not my best, but a challenge. I happily walked out of the box feeling good about myself and how much easier box jumps felt during tonight’s WOD. Because trampoline park x2 last week. Maybe?

Lululemon pulled a fast one on us and uploaded this week’s new goodies last night. With the latest batch came a few familiar ‘faces’ – I was super excited to see the return of 2 of my most-loved colors from 2015, black cherry and electric coral!

ICYMI, Apple and Lululemon have partnered up to run a promotion from 11/7-21, encouraging shoppers to use Apple Pay. Online orders totaling more than $150 that are paid for with Apple Pay will earn you a $25 e-Gift Card for use on a future purchase.

5 Faves & a Dud – 11/8/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Speed Short ($58) in electric coral

I’m torn. I wear the electric coral bras I have ALL. THE. TIME. However, the fresco blue and pink lemonade Speeds I bought last year both ended up resold on Poshmark after spending too many months afraid to get them dirty by, you know, wearing them.

I may order these and some Oxi-clean to go with. My only concern with these is that in the stock photos, the waistband doesn’t look like it’s the same shade as the shorts. The fresco blue speeds of 2015 had this problem, another reason why I wore them next to never. Decisions, decisions.

Favorite #2: Sculpt Tank II ($58) in iced wave white black/black

An unexpected update to one of the more conservative pieces in the core lineup. I’ll admit to being a late adopter of the OG Sculpt Tank, because it’s on the looser side. While I like the slimmer and more flattering cut/silhouette of the updated version, I will miss the open back that allowed a view of an Energy Bra’s signature straps. I’ll have to bring this one into the fitting room before making a yes/no call on the II versus the original.

Favorite #3: Swiftly Tech LS ($78) in plum

Hi there, my name is Katy and I’m still irked by the price hike on the Swiftly LS that went into effect a few months ago. However, I am the opposite of irked by the gorgeous jewel tone. Purple and green eyes mix so well. I don’t need this, I don’t need this, I don’t need this.


Favorite #4: High Times Pant ($98) in down pour electric coral black

As many of you know, the single word to describe my feeling toward Full-On Luxtreme is: disdain. However, this print is bright, but not too bright, fun and flattering.

My wallet should breathe a sigh of relief, because $98 more in my bank account will see another week. If they were luon, they’d be luON THE WAY to my doorstep.

Favorite #5: Fast Lane Bra ($58) in black cherry

Cute design without being too thin-strapped to fail in the support department. It looks slightly reminiscent of the old school Scoop Neck Tank in back.

I may have to get my butt over to a store to try this one on. Looks like it may require a bit of the post-workout sweat shimmy to get out of, but I don’t care. Wider straps akin to the All Sport Bra lay flatter than other styles and are quite comfortable.

The Dud: Light Locks Scrunchie ($14)

The only thing anyone needs less than a scrunchie in 2016 is a $14 scrunchie in 2016. The high school and college cheerleader demographic will probably snap this up, but as a 31-year-old, the only place a scrunchie has in my life is in my elementary school yearbook.

Honorable Mentions

  • Heathered herringbone Vinyasa Scarf = instant classic
  • For those of you who love their curling irons and hair straighteners but always panic when having to pack them into a suitcase just moments after using them, take a look at the All Day Duffel (Heat), which comes with a heat-resistant pouch to help protect your stuff from any hot tools in need of transportation.
  • If you missed out on the black/herringbone Wunder Under Pant Stirrups from last year, the Mantra Leg Warmers give you a cozy way to recreate the look with a normal pair of black pants.
  • While I’m not quite sure I have the personal style or body type to pull of the Mantra Scarf without looking like a house, but it intrigues me.
  • For anyone who is going to purchase the Sleet Sprinter Tight out of its fleecy water-resistant necessity, kudos to you for having more determination and willpower than I have to continue running outside as temperatures drop.
  • We have tights, and a Sleet Sprinter Jacket as well – now where are the 2016 edition of the Beat the Sleet Pant? PLEASE? Anyway, the jacket. I’m digging the cinched waist in back, yet I can’t say I’m into the $248 price tag. Right now it’s only available in black.
  • Those of you who have found a friend in the All the Right Places Crop II, they’re now available in black cherry, which you know I’m quite fond of.

All of you in the western time zones, you’ve got the advantage tonight. I can’t look away from the election coverage on TV, but bedtime is here and I’m not making any moves from the couch. Now taking bets on whether I pass out on the couch with the TV still on, or if I actually haul myself up to bed. Going to be a groggy morning tomorrow.


  1. I snagged the Go Getter bag (heat) in heathered nocturnal teal because there was a price glitch on the NZ lulu site. They dropped the “1” from the retail price of NZ$179, which made it NZ$79 (about US$58). Massive deal right there. Quickly texted my cousin in NZ to confirm her shipping address. Heh.

    1. Oh I so love the website glitches. I’ve been party to two of them, one of them thanks to Katy. <3 I got the Dottie Tribe Duffel for 24.00 USD and I got a pair of Rebel Runners for 28.00

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