WMTM Alert! – 6/2/16

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June. Summer! Buy all the things!

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WMTM Alert – 6/2/16

  • Ladies who like to tote everything with them, here’s the Everything Bag in rosewood/freckle flower fireside red rosewood. Do I ever remember this uploading at full price? Nope.
  • Bag ladies, pay attention some more…
  • More Speed Shorts for $44, dandy digie porcelaine black/black (size 2-4-6) & raspberry/blooming pixie multi/black (ALL sizes except 12)
  • If you’re more of a Tracker Short III girl, your options are paradise geo regal plum multi/regal plum (8 only) and mountain peaks bon bon bordeaux drama/bordeaux drama (4-6 only) for $44
  • Even the kickass rio nights multi print couldn’t save the Speed Track Short. Rio nights multi (4-6), paradise camo multi/paradise geo regal plum multi (2-4-6-8-10), pink paradise (2-4-6-8), for $44.
  • Fortunate size 4’s can grab the edgy basic Wunder Under Crop III (full-on luon) in samba snake battleship black
  • Marked down, the Tight Stuff Crop is still pricey. Size 4’s win again.
  • If it weren’t for the seven wonders multi, I’d want the Speed Crop ($74, 4-6-8-10)
  • Real Quick Crop in paradise camo multi/regal plum. This does not surprise me. Available in ALL sizes.
  • The super comfortable Om Pant I danced on the fence about is now marked down to $79, only in rosewood and freckle flower black white/black. Discount the solid black and MAYBE I bite.
  • When they first came out, I really liked the All the Right Places Crop, but I didn’t like the elevated price point. If your body and lack of cellulite can pull off boom juice, get ittttt!

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