5 Faves & a Dud: No Shirt is Apparently No Problem

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Bow chicka wow wow… nothing like logging on to see the words ‘naked yoga’ on lululemon’s home page this evening. These words were accompanied by shadowy photos of lots of skin and not much clothing, which is ironic because, you know, lululemon sells clothing.

It’s all about nulu this week. Because feeling naked is the next best thing to actually traipsing around in public sans outfit. Is it? I don’t know, you tell me. Having made it my life goal to NOT get naked in public, I can’t really tell you how good it feels or not, given that I haven’t done it. The Align Pants are comfy AF. I’ll give you that.

On Saturday night I volunteered at a charity event that I help out with every year. I get to dress up nicely and drink wine, all while helping out a good cause. Totally managed to pull off a dressy look in the black &Go ‘Til Dawn Dress and a plain shrug. *high fives self*

Pardon the awkward smile. The baby 2 doors down from me was screaming its head off loud enough to hear outside. ‘Twas a bit uncomfortable and I just wanted to get a half decent photo and scoot. If only that stupid dumpster weren’t there. I’ll try to block it with my head next time.

5 Faves & a Dud – 4/19/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Swiftly Tech LS ($68) in heathered jungle

I’m not in the mood to be spending any additional cheese this week. Amazon Prime and I had an expensive vacation prep weekend. If I were feeling spendy on something that I want but don’t need, it would be on this shirt. Swiftlies heathered with black are so much cooler than ones heathered with white.

Speaking of cheese, did anyone else notice/care that Conor McGregor announced an early retirement today? Didn’t think so. Thanks for the cheese.

Favorite #2: Harmony Hoodie ($108) in heathered black

I’m big into open backs lately, even if they’re not the most practical. I like this hoodie because it plays on that style, but it definitely looks like there’s a panel underneath in back, so you’re not actually catching an uncomfortably cool breeze. Catching said breeze kind of defeats the purpose of a hoodie.

Favorite #3: Cool Racerback (Exhale) ($48) in black

Roses are red, my knee sleeves are blue, a pretty bright neon colored Flow Y Bra IV underneath would look awesome under you.

Favorite #4: Tube and From Skirt ($88) in cyber red grape bordeaux drama

Hear (read?) me out. The stock photos are NOT doing this skirt any favors. In fact, I hope none of you buy it right now so that I can get it later at a lower price. Why? FREE HEMMING. Take this thing up about 6″ and we. are. in. business!

Favorite #5: Pure Practice Pant ($98) in samba snake kayak blue hero blue/hero blue

Wild card of the week right here. The Pure Practice Pant looks to be similarly constructed as the quickly popular Tranquil Tight. High waist, flattering seams down the back, luon not luxtreme, jazzy details on the calf. These are awesome.

The Dud: Breeze By Tunic ($68) in mini pop stripe black white

I love when they make this part super easy. Hands down, worst piece of the week. Unless designer potato sacks are your thing. The fact that the sides are so wide open, leaving tons of fabric to flap in the breeze really do this one in. It could have been a decent beach coverup otherwise, but no. A nice flappy breezy no thanks.

I’d rather take the money to Wendy’s and buy 68 Frosties instead. I’d even forgo the low price tag and go to Dairy Queen and get 20 Blizzards instead. Yeah, I like that idea better. Because ice cream.

Other New Items, Duly Noted

  • The much-hyped Align Crop dropped today, as well as the Align Pant II. Nulu is great, but I don’t feel the need to buy the crops. The design removes the fun waistband stripe, and possibly some changes along the inseam. The Crop definitely does. As for the Pant, you can’t tell in the new stock photos, given the only color option currently available is in black.
  • There’s a bit of a discrepancy in heathered jungle Swiftlies in the LS vs the SS. The LS is a consistent heather, while the short sleeve seems to have some black dots on a primarily jungle-colored tee to make some sort of botanical pattern.
  • In addition to the Exhale edition, the Cool Racerback is now available in luxtreme in 3 colors: black, hero blue & grapefruit. This lighter fabric may be a winner in the hot summer months.
  • The Bliss Break Tank is understated, and I like it that way. Plus, I’ve never met a pima cotton lululemon shirt that I wasn’t a fan of. I’m a sucker for softness. Tank tops, kittens and the like.
  • Blurry Belle Multi is continuing its charge! This week’s options include:
  • Another print in the fold this week is pretty prism multi. I don’t know if it reminds me more of grape rock candy or an ice palace in the dark. While it’s a wintry print, the Spring Breakaway Shorts look pretty cool… no pun intended.
  • I’m curious about the Drop It Low Short. They look a bit like hi-rise Speed Shorts, and they come in rio nights multi. Hmmmm.
  • The Run for Days Bra II is very cute. It’s like the Energy Bra’s sophisticated older sister that goes to ballet class all the time.

I wasn’t planning on buying anything this week, and I am going to stick to my guns. Those Pure Practice Pants are pretty BA, though. 🙂

Did anyone snap up any new gear this week?


  1. I got a little turned off by the fact that lulu put so much nudity in the promotion pictures… I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it seemed a little objectifying, if you ask me…

  2. The drop it low shorts are amazing! They look MUCH better in person then they do in the stock photos. The high waistband is SUPER soft and the short portion fits very similar to speeds. I bought a pair in my regular TTS 8. You should go try them!

    1. After your comment, I may go see if I can track a pair down this weekend, if not to buy, at least try on. The high waist is a definite plus.

  3. I knew that tunic was going to be the dud you’d pick. My initial thought was, hey lulu did a maternity dress. Then I looked at the bust area and realised that pregnant women couldn’t wear it either cos it would be too snug.

  4. First upload this month that tempted me but I’m on a spending ban this month so we’ll see what’s around that I still want come May 1st. I really like the Harmony Hoodie but don’t want to pay full price so hopefully it hits WMTM because it’s so warm people aren’t into buying a hoodie right now.

  5. that skirt is going to be amazing hemmed to a shorter length!

    *fingers crossed that nobody buys it just yet too …. 😉

  6. I saw the Harmony Hoodie in person and its amazing! there is a mesh fabric inserted Inside to make it warmer but breathable for after a sweaty workout!

    Call me crazy or it may be the designer in me, but I love the Breeze By Tunic …hihi I can picture my outfit already. If i try it on and hate, ill let you know 🙂 or i might surpise you with my outfit 😉

      1. And they are moved back to the regular page and are no longer marked down. Looks like someone made a boo boo.

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