WMTM Alert – 4/7/16

lululemonWMTM Alert

Clearly they mean 10a PT for the Seawheeze news because it’s 11:50a here on the East Coast and there’s nothing new to report. I got my eyes dilated at the eye doc this morning, so looking into bright shiny lights isn’t my favorite thing to do today.

Is it lunch time yet?

Lots of new additions to WMTM this week, lulu is cleaning out a few jackets and a good amount of bras. Check out the full gamut, below are some notables:

  • FOUR-WAY SPEED SHORTS, sizes 4/6 only. Options are dottie eyelet white black/black/tonka stripe black white or raspberry glo light/flashback static caspian blue jewelled magenta/black.
  • I always liked the Fleece Out Jacket – and all sizes except 2 can take home berry rumble for next season for $139, which is down from an original $198. Still a bit much for a fleece IMHO.
  • Another one that I’ve had my eye on a while but still can’t get behind as far as the price tag goes, the Feelin’ Frosty Softshell. It’s available in 10-12 only at $179. Yay they have my size, and at this rate I would get good use out of this one until July.
  • Smaller sizes – 2/4/6 – get the Pleat to Street Hoodie, which is really a Scuba in the front and roomy in the back. Black/Bordeau drama, $99.
  • As I mentioned before, So. Many. Bras. If you’ve got $39 to spare and wear sizes 4 or 6, you’ve got OPTIONS.
  • A fun print ruined by fullux: dandy digie porcelaine black. If you can handle fullux, you can snap up the Speed Tight IV for $79 in all sizes except 12.
  • If you want some High Times to go with your space dye camo tender violet black grape Vinyasa Scarf, snag them for $69 if you’re an 8, 10 or 12.
  • I like me some Groove Short IIs. Everyone seemed to like the peacock blue ones for full price, except for the size 4s of the world. Or, lulu assumes we are all size 4s. We are not.
  • Another popular item, the Vinyasa Scarf! This rizzy stripe regal plum hero blue/hero blue is pretty. <3

I missed out on WMTM Alert last week thanks to a busy day at work, so here’s the rest of my random thoughts on the rest of the random stuff currently on sale:

  • 3 cheers for the Rest Less Pullover for its snazzy edgy design. I also like the word snazzy, and discounted prices. Maybe I bite if the price dips down under $50.
  • I like the Tranquil Tank, a girl at my gym was sporting one of the darker ones a few weeks ago. This one looks fun, but the Barbie dream house theme isn’t working out for me, nor for any of you. That’s why it’s marked down.
  • I was surprised to see the Make a Move Bra marked down so soon. It’s pretty, but it doesn’t provide any support.
  • So many Daily Practice Jackets marked down! I really liked this one when I tried it on, people. This is a decent deal. If it were priced at $69, I bet they’d all be gone by now.

Hm… I’ve got my eye on that Vinyasa, but I also have my fingers crossed that scarf season is OVER soon!

Size 4s, have at it. The WMTM section is your oyster.


  1. Good thing I didn’t like anything in the regular upload this week, bc this was an expensive WMTM for me! Those dottie eyelet black and white speeds just screamed “SUCH A FUN BASIC” and I had to get the bordeaux pleat to street because it just seems so perfect for those days where you had two donuts for breakfast and are now super bloated. 🙂

  2. I have been waiting for the track to reality pants to drop more and they finally did! I love those pants and I think 60.00 is an OK price for them. I also grabbed two pair of the men’s Mud Sport socks. I got a pair at the store last week for full price and they are awesome thick socks. The mediums are just a touch too big on my size 8 feet but they work. I’ve had my eye on the Frosty soft shell too but I chickened out today. I got the Fleece in the store on MD at 98.00 and I thought even that was too much.

  3. I didn’t know there was Seawheeze info coming and then the email notification showed us as I was reading your post. Meh, I’m not on snapchat so I’ll wait for the screenshots of the shorts.

    I’m currently wearing my feelin’ frosty sofshell (though it’s the unlined version) that I bought last year and I love it so so much. I wear it all the time and it’s actually my most complimented lulu item. Though now that I say that, that could be because I wear it all the time. Hmmm, either way, it’s awesome! If the lined version was in my size I would seriously consider it. Love it!

    1. Email? I didn’t get an email :'(

      I just happened to see the status update on facebook this morning that lulu posted late last night!

      1. The event is up now on snapchat. It’s really hard to see but the shorts look like they have wavy stripes that are iridescent foil or something. They look cool! The video was REALLY bizarre. You’ll have to see it to believe it :p

  4. I just BOUGHT the strap it like its hot in that print like 3 weeks ago for full price. That really sucks, particularly given the generous discount. I’m only a B cup and really love the bra because of its high coverage & thick band. It almost looks like a crop top on. I really like the dandy digie print, but I guess no one else did. It goes with all blues, reds, pinks and purples really nicely.

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