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2016 Seawheeze Shorts Preview

I’m bad at screenshots. Here’s what I managed to grab. It looks like the backlash over the odd petri dish disease dots was loud and clear, because these shorts don’t look nearly as crazy as 2015’s.

I’m actually a bit disappointed in the lack of color. I hope all of you who were like “OMG FUG” last year are happy, because you killed the colorful abstract Seawheeze mojo.

What does everyone think of this year’s (lack of) design?


13 thoughts on “2016 Seawheeze Shorts Preview”

  1. Well that’s boring! I loved last year’s shorts and was super happy to get the seawheeze black with dots as well as the bug print, blue/orange and pink/orange speeds. My wallet’s safe this year.


  2. They kind of feel like something I already have or owned at one point. Definitely reminiscent of the inkblot and mirage prints from several years ago. Maybe a little bit of the close-up butterfly thing from the Fall mixed in. Hopefully, there will be some fun pieces offered at the expo.


    1. Wahoo! Good luck with all your training! This weather needs to warm up here in CT so I can hit the road and start logging more miles myself. That, or I could stop being such a wuss and bundle up a bit more.

      August is going to come faster than we know it!


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