5 Faves & TWO Duds! *gasp*

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

My computer just told me it’s Thomas Jefferson’s birthday tomorrow. Um. Thanks? I’ll be sure to mail him a card.

It’s only Tuesday evening, and the CrossFit bus has run me over HARD this week. At least I got a solid front squat double at 155 today. That means my 155 clean should be on its way back to me soon. Wahoo!

That wahoo feeling bit me in the ass shortly later when I grabbed my single abmat for HSPU and loaded up my bar with the Rx’d 95lbs for power snatches on today’s metcon. Yesterday’s 20min EMOM of (1) 10 x 115lb Hang Cleans (2) 15 x Toes to Bar (3) 35 Double Unders (4) 10 Lateral Burpees Over Bar was a doozie, and today it showed. SO MUCH OOMF.

I’m typing with little baby T-Rex arms while my traps are on fire from motoring through today’s last set of 6 snatches, so this post probably isn’t going to be a long-winded one. Let’s get on with the show, shall we?

PSA if you live in the US: DO YOUR TAXES BY FRIDAY. Uncle Sam may end up giving you back a few doll hairs into the lulu fund. How else did I feel okay with picking up both the Define Pullover AND the Extra Mile Bag last month? Thanks, mortgage interest. 😀

5 Faves & a Dud – 4/12/16 Upload

Favorite #1: High Times Pant ($98) in wave twist lilac caspian blue

Contrary to both popular belief and typical practice, my weekly 5 favorites aren’t always listed in order of how much I love them. It’s usually the order in which I scan through the What’s New page and go oooh look that’s pretty.

This time, these are numero uno on the list for a reason. These pants are by far my favorite from this week’s batch. When they actually align, cyber stripe pants are some of my favorite lululemon items (more on that later). Add in a gorgeous color combo to boot and we have ourselves a winner.

Favorite #2: Real Quick Tight ($98) in lakeside blue

Please tell me I’m not the only one who hears Drake’s voice saying “real fckin’ quick” every time you see the name of these tights written somewhere. I’m a sucker for royal blue pants. The color rocks, and are surprisingly only $98, given the fact that running tights have been going for $118 lately.

Favorite #3: Cool Racerback ($42) in deep zinfandel

Sometimes lululemon’s timing makes me wonder what’s going on in the back office? It’s finally starting to warm up outside, and here we have deep zinfandel… which would have been an amazing wardrobe add back in November. I wear my black cherry CRB quite often in the winter, but now that it’s warming up outside, the dark colors and moving towards the bottom of the pile. While I won’t be buying this one, I still dig it.

Favorite #4: Energy Bra ($48) in blurry belle multi

In a sprint to finish birthday shopping for my mother before lunch on Sunday, I raced in and out of my local store in about 7 minutes tops. (Somehow managed to spend $123 in the process. The Tranquil Tight, man. If you can still find a non-regal plum pair in store… TRY THEM.) ANYHOO… I saw blurry belle multi in both a CRB and the Speed Shorts, and I was less than enthused. The print’s a bit busy for me.

However, because the Energy Bra is a smaller piece (duh), I think I can handle it. How the horizontal stripes work in with the criss-cross design in back looks pretty sharp, which unexpectedly captured my attention.

Favorite #5: Making Moves Tight ($118) in black

I’m normally not one to buy into the whole ‘capsule of the week’ craze, but this time I’m biting the bait. Luxtreme, side pockets, high rise, subdued yet fun ankle details. Call me Goldilocks (I am blonde after all), because these tights seem juuuust right.

And now… here are the TWO duds of the week. One because the fact that they are still trying to sell them makes me angry, and the second one because it’s so bad there was no way I could let such an abomination off the hook.

Dud #1: High Times Pant *Luxtreme ($98) in cyber stripe white silver fox

Let me tell you why I’m mad. THE STRIPES ARE ALL JACKED UP. Last year, lulu released the High Times *Zips in cyber stripe white silver fox, and I was fortunate enough to score a pair before they sold out overnight. The stripes aligned and the electric coral trim matched my incredibly neon inov8 lifters. All was good in my hood.

All was not good in the hood of the ladies who missed out on the *Zips. So, a few months later when lulu came out with the High Times in cyber stripe silver fox without the zips – the world got excited… until they saw how badly the manufacturer screwed up the stripe alignment. It’s not even close.

They didn’t even sell out last year, because nobody is going to pay full price for a factory error. Therefore, the fact that lulu is trying to hawk the SAME messed up pants to us this year for full price, trying to trick non-diehards into thinking these are new? For shame, HQ. For shame.

Dud #2: Cruiser Short ($78) in deep navy/black

I just can’t. Both with this exposed-shorts skort and writing any more tonight. I can’t feel my right pointer finger for some reason, and as I mentioned earlier – the first 2 days in the gym this week have taken the toll of 4 on my body. This is what 30 feels like.

No new lulu for me tonight, seeing that I’ve given Delta airlines HUNDREDS of dollars in the past few days. Between an upcoming vaca/field trip next month (more to come on that soon!) and a family vaca to take the nieces to see Mickey Mouse in June, Delta and Amex love me right now, but my bank account does NOT.


  1. Kicking myself for not looking around more when I was in the store today for a return. Didn’t love anything in upload at first, then after a glass of wine ended up buying the Making Moves LS in black and white and the love tee in aquamarine. You have me thinking about the caspian high times now. High times is my favorite bottom for both yoga and casual wear, and it reads Carolina Blue to me, so – tempting!

    Always look forward to your posts!

    1. Alma mater inspired color schemes are always okay. That’s about the only reason I can get away with wearing bright orange 🙂 #gocuse

  2. Pssst–PSA alert: because of Washington DC observing Emancipation Day on the 15th, tax day is now the 18th this year.

    I am DIGGING that deep zin color, so I might be snatching that CRB even though I have enough tanks as it is…ARGH.

    1. Doh! Here I thought I was being helpful… Thanks for the heads up!

      I did my taxes back in February so that I wouldn’t get caught up in the mid-April scramble. Plus, who wants to wait 2 extra months when you know Uncle Sam owes you some cheese?

      1. Due to job switching I owe state taxes so I’ve been holding off on paying those, but you better believe we had our refunds in our bank accounts back in February too!

  3. The Real Quick Tights are making me have a twinge of regret for my April spending ban. Sigh. Nice double dud, though. Those “shorts” will be on WMTM real quick.

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