IT’S BACK. The Pistachio CRB is back! (UPDATED 3/11: Maybe)


Thanks to reader Hannah for the heads up, because this snuck up under my nose more stealthily than a grounded teenager trying to sneak out of the house on a Saturday night.

Lime green lovers of the world, the Pistachio Cool Racerback is back in stock! Some of you who have been reading for a while may have remembered my frenzied Countdown to Pistachio: a Photo Diary in regards to this tank’s 2015 release, before it sold out in a whopping 30 minutes. Ah, memories.

Long story short, if you didn’t score one last go around, grab yours soon!

3/11 UPDATE: You ladies in the comments section are sharp as tacks! As of this morning, the color selection of ‘pistachio’ is still available, but the photos are NOT the pistachio you are all looking for! It’s much more of a kelly green, see for yourself:


Do any of us even know what is real anymore? Fingers crossed that those of you who have ordered in the pat 24 hours get the green you were looking for.

Enter Twitter. Lululemon is on it.


  1. Flashlight and grapefruit CRB stock photos look updated to me, too, but colors looks the same. Dammit! I was gonna order the pistachio. I should have done it last night. Hope this gets cleared up. Let me know what those who ordered it get in the mail.

    1. Do you mean pistachio? I just received mine in the mail as well, and definite pistachio from the original photos. However, I’m thinking I would actually prefer the “greener” green…

  2. I ordered mine, eager to see what I get. I should have gotten expedited shipping so it gets here by Saint Paddy’s day.

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