WMTM Alert! – 3/10/16

lululemonWMTM Alert

This morning, I thought that a rainbow sprinkle donut would combat my sleepiness. It did not work, but at least it was good for a solid 15 seconds of gratification. I need a nap.

In actually relevant ‘news’, Lulu has now categorized WMTM into Tops/Bottoms/Accessories. I dig it.

Catch the full lineup here.

WMTM Alert – 3/10/16

I jumped on the LS dress in gray last week, nothing else is truly attention-grabbing this go around. Another Thursday, another handful of dollars into my savings.


  1. Thanks to you I grabbed the Sweaty Endeavor Tight, &Go Take-Off Long Sleeve and the Tight Stuff Tight *Reflective. I just got my first pair of those last week at full price. They were a return and they were black swan so I grabbed them.

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