WMTM Alert! – 2/25/16

WMTM Alert

What the swimwear, Batman? Thought this stuff was all off the shelves by now, but if you’re looking to snag last year’s swim line at low prices for your upcoming ‘winter sucks’ getaway, you win.

Catch the full lineup here.


As usual, go forth and shop! I repeat… THE ALLIGATOR POOL FLOATIE IS SOLD SEPARATELY.


  1. Now I’m sad I bought the &go dress for full price… but I have worn it about 20x since buying it when it first came out. Is it crazy to buy another so I can wear it twice a week??

  2. I ordered the printed stop at nothing crops in the olive green. I love green and I needed a pair of knicker length pants for running. I like that the zipper isn’t in the back so I can use it in yoga! Back zippers make mat work a pain. I was close to pulling the trigger and paying full price for these suckers. Universe owes me because my local store had every color and size marked down for the sweat tee that I bought a few weeks ago. Makes me mad when that happens!

    1. I’m very curious and my size is still left in the green. When you get them can you share your opinion?

      1. I really like them. I’m using them for running but as anticipated I was able to use it for yoga too given the zipper placement. I know some people don’t like fullux but I think the printed fullux is not as thick/stick and more cross-functional. This is also printed on green fabric instead of white so coverage is great for me. I even sized down to get a more compressive running fit and it pasts the squat test with bright colored underwear! I’m short so it ends up being a little longer than a knicker on me but it doesn’t irritate on the knee or anything given the cut is more short crop than knicker. The colors are dark green and black so it is a bit tough to match with a lot of colors but I think it looks nice with purples and pinks. Let me know if you want to know anything else!

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