Pipe Dream vs Porcelaine & Getting ReALIGNED


Had a nice productive little Saturday this past weekend, which included a trip to the mall to snag the porcelaine Cool Racerback. Not only did I come away with a new CRB, I also ended up trading the pants off my ass for a brand new pair.

Wait, what?

Getting ReALIGNED… pun intended.

With how close lulu is to home and how preoccupied I let myself get with workout clothes, I’m at lulu a few times a month. Naturally, I’ve become friendly with a few of the Eds. I happened to be wearing a pair of the OG Align Pant on Saturday, and was fingers crossed that maybe they’d gotten a shipment of the sold out inkwells I’d gone in search of prior to my trip out west a couple weekends ago.

No dice on the inkwells, but we started talking about how lulu’s made some tweaks to the latest nulu since the steady stream of pilling-related feedback came in. My Aligns definitely started to get a bit pilly all over, and it wasn’t due to excessive abuse. I know that some of the online GEC reps like to spout some BS to people who complain about running in them that ‘these are meant for yoga’, but I can tell you that I have done little to zero physical activity in my Aligns. Does going to the chiropractor count? That’s about it. Wash normal, never touched the dryer, and yet – pillage!

So, I tried on a brand new pair and sure enough, they still had that naked sensation. However, the fabric felt a bit less like pajamas and a bit more like luon. I felt more held in, and not in a bad way.

So, what did the wonderful team of eds do? They took the sensor off the new pair and took back the old Aligns I’d walked into the store wearing. I felt like a little kid wearing her new shoes home from the store, and it was awesome.

Color Comparison: Porcelaine vs Pipe Dream

Oh, and porcelaine is pretty on its own, yet is noticeably duller held directly next to pipe dream. In the photos below, the CRB is porcelaine, and the Energy Bra is pipe dream.


  1. The porcelaine FTBW in luxtreme seems like it looks really different than the porcelaine luon CRB. Noticed that in the store today.

  2. Thanks for the comparison 😊 I have a pipe dream crb so can skip the porcelain one! Awesome skills with the aligns!

  3. So, I got realigned, too. The ed put up slight resistance to it, and (if I heard him correctly) said that they didn’t feel like they were made for yoga, but for the couch! Mine were purchased the first week or two they were out, and I wore them for yoga 8-10 times. They quickly started pilling all over, especially the fronts of the thighs and knees. Any idea when they fixed the pilling problem? I think I bought my second pair at the end of October.

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